Perpetual lessons throughout the year in our community's first indoor swimming facility allows a student to learn at a pace conducive to their schedule. No longer do students have to lose their skills when summer ends! 

Private - 20 Minute Lessons

  • A great launching pad for those who have not accomplished a confident front or back float, or those who need more attention as they begin their learn-to-swim journey.
  • Class Ratio:  1:1
  • Infants (6-12 mons.) Contact Coach Carol for details.
  • Toddlers (13-18 mons.) 10-20 mins.**
  • Toddlers/PreSchool/School Age (18 mons.-11 yrs.)
  • ** Class duration depends on how quickly the child acclimates to Coach Carol in this brand new environment. Comfort and fun is our first goal!
  • Fees - $28.75/lesson

Private - 30/40/60 Minute Lessons

  • Older children, adults or someone who has more anxiety about learning to swim or swim better has a great place to start in a private setting.
  • Class Ratio:  1:1
  • Middle/High School & Adults (12 yrs & over)
  • Fees:
    • 30 mins - $43.25/lesson
    • 40 mins. - $57.50/lesson
    • 60 mins. - $86.25/lesson

Semi-Private Lessons

  • If students are of similar ages and abilities, semi-private lessons offer these individuals a positive, supportive environment.
  • Class Ratio:  2:1
  • Fees:
    • ​30 mins. - $32.50/lesson/student
    • (1) hour - $65.00/lesson/student

Group Lessons

  • Group Classes are good for children who have achieved a confident front and back float, or have previously attained additional skills in the water.  For most students, this lesson format is ideal if they can follow direction and work together within the group.
  • Every effort is made to group students of comparable ability as well as maturity together to improve and keep the class flow moving while each student learns and makes progress.
  • Class Ratio:  4:1, 6:1
  • Class Duration:  30 mins
  • Fees – $20/person/class

Stroke Training

  • Competitive & Master Swimmers or Triathletes –  It is the smallest things that can make the biggest difference when trying to make a change in your stroke mechanics, daily practice habits, and racing skills.
  • Class Ratio:  1:1
  • Class Duration:  30/40/60 mins
  • Fees:
    • 30 mins - $43.25/lesson
    • 40 mins. - $57.50/lesson
    • 60 mins. - $86.25/lesson