Developing successful athletes to build successful people.


Fostering a safe and positive culture where athletes develop the essential life skills to be productive and successful people.


SUNN leads with integrity.
SUNN team members are honest with themselves, and honest with others. We can be relied on to do the right thing, simply because it is right.

SUNN encourages responsibility in all of its team members.
Our athletes have the opportunity to learn to act independently and to make the right decisions, as well as a duty to show others the way.

SUNN team members embody passion for the sport.
We are committed to excellence and the enjoyment of the journey to reach our goals. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

SUNN values work ethic beyond the end result.
We help our athletes understand that the process for success is, oftentimes, more important than the goals they have sought. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

SUNN is a fundamental pillar of the local community.
Our team is united to provide an inclusive and positive environment for our athletes. The SUNN family not only provides a safe place to practice, but also creates a fun atmosphere where classmates, friends, and mentors all grow as people.