Pacific Swimming


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Monterey County Aquatic Team 




Core Values:

            Producing Champions

            Embracing Competition 

Actions we Value:


            Maximizing Potential

            Providing a Positive Environment

            Providing a Safe Environment

            Making the Team Family Oriented

            Providing Recognition and Awards

            Providing a Fun Environment

            Providing Parent Education

            Providing Nutritional Education

            Providing a "Safe Sport" Environment  & Education




Programs we Value:

            Promoting Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Community Instructional Programs

            Community Outreach

            Developing Collegiate Awareness


Values we Teach:

            Life Skills

            Goal Setting


            Development of Work Ethic

            Safe Sport


Administrative Values:



            Fiduciary Responsibility

            Community Awareness


Resources we Value:

            Professional Coaching Staff




Vision Statement


We foster the healthiest youth on the Central Coast.


Central Theme

Challenging you to reach higher than you ever thought.





The Monterey County Aquatic Team / Salinas Valley Aquatic endeavors to produce champions in swimming and in life by providing a competitive, positive, safe, and fun environment where each individual can maximize their potential.  We define competition as striving with others in a manner which is healthy and beneficial, and an important opportunity for the teaching of life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, sound nutritional habits, and the development of a work ethic.


We recognize that the producing of champions also requires continual mentoring, providing recognition and awards, and working with parents helping them to understand the process.  We further recognize the importance of helping our members to pursue their academic and swimming careers beyond high school and we develop various means for making them aware of collegiate opportunities.


Producing champions from the community carries with it the opportunity and the responsibility for promoting lifetime fitness and wellness and actively seeking to provide for and include residents from all socio-economic sectors in one or more of our instructional programs.  To provide opportunities for "at risk" youth in our community.


To fulfill our mission we will continually enhance our professional coaching staff; promote, encourage, train, and recognize our volunteers; and develop new facilities.


The administration of our program requires continually maintained lines of communication, accountability, community awareness through promotions, publicity, political action, and fiduciary responsibility.


Proposed Objectives:



            Aquatic Facility

            Administrative facility

            Public relations








Accepted Objectives:



            Aquatic Facility

            Administrative facility


            Safe Sport