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Monterey County Aquatic Team 

1 East Bernal Dr. 

Salinas, California 93906                                                                                                      Tel: 831.758.7301    E-mail:  [email protected]


Dear Swimmer/Swim Parent,


Welcome to the Monterey County Aquatic Team Family, aka MCAT a division of Salinas Valley Aquatics Inc. a 

Non Profit 501 3 (c) corporation.  Our mission and vision statement reads:  The Monterey County Aquatic Team/ 

Salinas Valley Aquatics (SVA) is a year round competitive swim program that can meet the individual needs, 

hopes and aspirations of anyone who is interested in competitive swimming. 

The Monterey County Aquatic Team / Salinas Valley Aquatic endeavors to produce champions in swimming and 

in life by providing a competitive, positive, safe, and fun environment where each individual can maximize 

their potential. We define competition as striving with others in a manner which is healthy and beneficial, and 

an important opportunity for the teaching of life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, sound nutritional habits, 

and the development of a work ethic. 

We recognize that the producing of champions also requires continual mentoring, providing recognition and 

awards, and working with parents helping them to understand the process. We further recognize the impor- 

tance of helping our members to pursue their academic and swimming careers beyond high school and we 

develop various means for making them aware of collegiate opportunities. 

Producing champions from the community carries with it the opportunity and the responsibility for promoting 

lifetime fitness and wellness and actively seeking to provide for and include residents from all socio-economic 

sectors in one or more of our instructional programs. 

To fulfill our mission we will continually enhance our professional coaching staff; promote, encourage, train, 

and recognize our volunteers; and develop new facilities. The administration of our program requires continu- 

ally maintained lines of communication, accountability, community awareness through promotions, publicity, 

and political action, and fiduciary responsibility. Thank you for joining us. We are looking forward to meeting 

you. Please feel free to ask another member or coach any question you may have..

You can also email or call us anytime. Our website is  and is our main 

communication source.  Please use this site to keep informed about, meets,team and USA Swimming 

rules,practice schedule,club news,etc... 

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE:  It is the intent and purpose of the Corporation to provide an equal 

opportunity to athletes, coaches, trainers,managers, administrators, and officials to participate in the govern- 

ance of the Corporation without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orienta- 

tion, disability, or national origin. No conditions or restrictions for participation in the governance of the Corpo- 

ration may be imposed unless otherwise set forth in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. Families and swimmers also agree to follow rules, policies and conditions set by the MCAT/SVA board.

Membership dues are $110.00 per swimmer per month and are payable in advance of swimming on a given 

month.  Dues are non refundable and will not be prorated. All members are to be registered with USA Swimming and are to be registered with our "team unify"online billing service and agree to the terms set forward and explained as registering with the service.. In accordance with team Policy, members must give 30 days notice of accounts being placed on hold.     One day of practice or attendance at a USA Swimming sanctioned meet in a month constitutes an invoice for payment of monthly dues.  Pacific Swimming, USA Swimming, and  Annual Club Registration is an additional payable each year by December 31 or upon renewal of annual USA Swimming registration. 

(110.00 per year).  Upon signing up for the team a check for $220.00 is to be turned in with the attached completed 

registration forms. Our team also has a parent volunteer hour requirement of 36 hours per year, this requirement includes fundraising, donations and volunteer service hour donations.  Families understand that they will be billed and financially responsible for a "by out"  for any hours falling short of the required service hours at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

Thank you for joining MCAT and welcome to our family. 



Sincerely yours, 

Dia  C. Rianda 

Head Coach MCAT 

[email protected]   831-758-7301 


As a new member of team MCAT, we ask that you check and read your email.  

Our website is our main source of communication and our invoicing mechanism.  

Most questions can be answered first on our web site.