Pacific Swimming


During Covid times  there is no use of the locker rooms for changing. Swimmers must come to practice ready to swim. No deck changing or parking lot changing is allowed.  Only one person at a time is allowed to use a bathroom for bathroom purposes only.  Surfaced must be disinfected after use and hands washed. Mask must be worn at all times in locker room.

LOCKER ROOMS AND CHANGING AREA at Carmel Valley Community Pool
I. Requirement to Use Locker Room or Changing Area The designated locker room or changing area must be used when an
athlete or Applicable Adult changes, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit when wearing just one suit (e.g., deck
changing is prohibited).  At MCAT adults do not share locker rooms for changing in the facility.   There is a separate restroom for adults and parents to use for bathroom or changing purposes.
II. Use of Recording Devices Use of any device’s (including a cell phone’s) recording capabilities, including voice recording,
still cameras and video cameras in locker rooms, changing areas, or similar spaces by a minor athlete or an Applicable
Adult is prohibited.   Cell phones are prohibited from use in locker rooms
III. Undress An unrelated Applicable Adult must not expose his or her breasts, buttocks, groin or genitals to a minor
athlete under any circumstance. An unrelated Applicable Adult must not request an unrelated minor athlete to expose the
minor athlete’s breasts, buttocks, groin or genitals to the unrelated Applicable Adult under any circumstance.
IV. One-on-One Interactions Except for athletes on the same team or athletes attending the same competition, at no time
are unrelated Applicable Adults permitted to be alone with a minor athlete in a locker room or changing area, except under
emergency circumstances. If the organization is using a facility that only has a single locker room or changing area,
separate times for use by Applicable Adults must be designated.
V. Monitoring 
a. Coaches or Safe Sport coordinator to conduct a sweep of the locker room or changing area before athletes arrive;
b. Coaching staff or Safe Sport coordinator shall be directly outside the locker room or changing area during periods of use;
c. The door to the locker room is to remain open at all times as it is behind a privacy wall. Leaving the doors open when adequate privacy is still possible; and/or
d. Occasional sweeps of the locker rooms or changing areas with 2 women checking on female locker rooms and  2 men
checking on male locker rooms. Every effort must be made to recognize when a minor athlete goes to the locker room or
changing area during practice and competition, and, if the minor athlete does not return in a timely fashion, to check on
the minor athlete’s whereabouts.
VI. Legal Guardians in Locker Rooms or Changing Areas Legal guardians are discouraged from entering locker rooms and
changing areas. If a legal guardian does enter a locker room or changing area, it must only be a same-sex legal guardian
and the legal guardian should notify a coach or administrator in advance.  The coach should make a best effort to have a second adult enter also if their are other children in the locker room.  Their is a separate individual changing room ( with its own entry) where an adult guardian can assist their small child or special needs swimmer.