Neptune Aquatics has provided a variety of aquatic activities for North Dade for over 40 years. Neptune Aquatic swimmers and athletes come from different backgrounds and social environments representing a tremendous range of skills and abilities.

Our program begins with PRE TEAM Swim Program. This program introduce swimmers about swim competitions while incorporating a water safety environment. Each year, we teach hundreds of students to swim in our Pre Team Swim Program. Most of our new swimmers are in the age range of three to twelve years old.

For individuals that have mastered the skills covered in the Pre Team program are then promoted to ‘Fish’ group. This level teaches the four competitive strokes, breathing techniques and skills for mock competition meets. We organized with a league of several pools that run what we like to call "Fun Meets", where everyone wins a ribbon for each swim stroke.

We emphasize positive sportsmanship, team pride, and personal improvement. As a reward, the team will have an ice-cream social for swimmers who improved their times. We hope to introduce competition where trying to win is important but 'Doing your best is what is rewarded the most'.

Once swimmers progress to the next swim level from Fish, they move onto a series of groups- each one requiring more work and commitment and hopefully greater rewards. We have been very fortunate to have a long list of successful swimmers. Many compete for their local high schools and some has won state titles (swimmers competing at the high school level qualified for an FHSAA State swim meet takes only the fastest swimmers in each event from an entire district).

Many have gone to collage on scholarships for swimming and or water polo. Also, it is pleasing to see the number of swimmers who have found employment using the skills developed during our time together as either lifeguards, coaches, aquatic instructors or other occupations benefiting from the discipline of swimming.

Our team travels throughout the state and Nation representing our community at Sectionals and Senior Nationals swim meets with the top 3% swimmers in the entire nation.

Our team pride implores us not to exclude any swimmer based on ability.

We also try to maintain an active masters program for those adults who wish to either continue competition swim goals or for recreational desires- stay fit or get back in shape.