Swim Team practice three (3) days to five (5) days a week (depending on the level from 1 hour, 1.5 hours to 2 hours). Practice convene during rainy days (with no lightening). During lightening (rain or no rain) practice(s) will be delayed after weather is safe. ALL classes that has practiced for the minimum of 15 minutes is counted as a full class (swimmers will NOT be allowed to attend any practices before full payment).​




Each family will receive "once a year"(within the 12 month calendar year) vacation waiver up to one month. NMST requires a mandatory 1 month notice in advance (listing holiday, days, weeks, months of absences. Absences of family loss requires proof of name). ALL and ANY vacation requests less than a month in advance is a mandatory (paid-in-full) monthly team dues payment within the current month of notice (including late payments, swim meets, meet contributions...etc.).

ALL and ANY requests for more than one vacation per year (holidays, days, weeks or months) is a mandatory payment monthly fee.

Vacations more than a month, will be listed as "suspended" until family returns.



Every family on the swim team (excluding Pre Team Swim Program) is obligated to volunteer for each Neptune Aquatics home meet.
Neptune Aquatics host swim meets (up to five meets a year) in part as a Parent's Club Fund Raiser. 
*A NON-volunteer fee of $75 is applied per family, per Neptune Aquatics home meet at the end of each meet month.




All transfers to another team requires 1 month advance notice. Parents notices less than a month, monthly team dues for that month will NOT be pro-rated NOR refunded and a mandatory full payment.


Prior to transfer, each family account will be reviewed for a "zero" balance. Per FGC rule and USS swim organization, once reported transfers will not authorize if the account has a balance.  ​***PAYMENTS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE UPON REGISTERING***






ALL swim meets are additional charges (home meets and away meets). Fees varies from meet hosts, meet qualifications and entries- based on the number of events a swimmer participates. A Facility Surcharge (charged by the team hosting the meet) and heat sheets are also applied.

NMST charge a $10 coaches fee for 4 hour meets per family.

ALL DAY meets (more than 4 hours, incl's preliminary heats & final heats) are $20 per coach.




NMST Monthly Late Fee (Non-negotiable) $25


Swimmers who are NOT interested in competing (recreational swim) in competitions for the year a fee of $20 (liability coverage is for the entire year).