Learn To Swim



Pre-Team L3 & L4 USA registration is $20

Pre team Class times are (30 -40 minute classes):

Pre team M-W-F class times are the same (with the exception of L3 & L4 1 hour classes 5-6, 5:30-6:30 & 6-7 P.M.



Swim evaluations for Pre team & Swim team levels are mandatory. New applicants can reserve a time for the swim test by calling or leave a message during business hours Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (305) 987-6441. 

Evaluations are FREE and given prior to each session. Every child is required an evaluation before level selection. After a child is placed in a level, registration and payment ARE MANDATORY, in full prior to start date. Sessions run in ’Four week blocks’. At the end of each two weeks a post test is observed for the next two weeks (whether promoted or not). Evaluation for ’level’ placement test and times are upon availability: 5-6:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Equipment needed: swim suit, swim cap and a towel to the Evaluation/Classes (FOR PRE TEAM NO GOGGLES).**






Pre-Team Swim (L1A-L2)

2 Days per week

(7 guaranteed classes monthly).

@ 5-5:30, 5:35-6:15, 6:20-6:55 pm.

Monday - Tuesday    

Monday - Wednesday

Monday - Thursday

Monday - Friday

Tuesday - Wednesday

Tuesday - Thursday


Tuesday- Friday

Wednesday - Thursday

Wednesday - Friday

Pre-Team Swim (L1A-L2) 

3 Days per week

(10 guaranteed classes monthly)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

5-5:30, 5:30-6:10, 6:10-6:50 pm

Pre-Team Swim (L3-L4) 

(10 guaranteed classes monthly)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

@5-6, 5:30-6:30, 6-7 pm.



Makeup classes will be scheduled ONLY due to the pool closing by Miami-Dade College Aquatics & Fitness facility, or team cancels classes more than 3 days (class (scheduled class days) in the month (missed classes by parents are NOT considered for a makeup). Holidays are NOT included.

Practices convene during rainy days (with no lightening). If there's lightening (rain or no rain) practice(s) will be delayed until weather is safe. ALL classes that has practiced for the minimum of 15 minutes is counted as a full class.

To sustain a time slot for the upcoming month (upon receiving 2nd week evaluation whether promoted to the next level or not), you must make your payment before the first session or before the first class start date of the following month (swimmers WILL NOT be allowed to attend any class before payments are made in full).



Each family will receive "once a year"(within the 12 month calendar year) vacation waiver up to one month. NMST requires a mandatory 1 month notice in advance (listing days, weeks, months of absences. Absences of family loss requires proof of name). ALL and ANY vacation requests less than a month in advance is a mandatory (paid-in-full) monthly team dues payment within the current month of notice (including late payments, swim meets, meet contributions..etc.).

ALL and ANY requests for more than one vacation per year (if attended more than 5 days within the month i.e., includes holidays, any days, weeks or months) is a mandatory payment monthly fee.

**Vacations more than a month, will be listed as "suspended" until family returns.