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Vision Statement: To create a healthy community in South Florida which cultivates safety, fitness and competitive excellence through swimming.

Coaching Boys into Men and Athletes as Leaders Lessons 4 & 5

Terrell Woods

CBIM/AAL Lesson 4

Whether you are completing CBIM and AAL virtually or in person, it only takes 15 minutes to make a positive impact! This week we focus on behaviors and self-image. Take a look at the cards to become more familiar with this week’s topic. Remember, there is no formal or additional training!

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CBIM/AAL Lesson 5

Negative behaviors can have major consequences on athletes. This week's focus is on eliminating disrespectful and negative behaviors, specifically through digital forms and rumors. Remember, coaches can make a positive impact by spending 15 minutes per session on the CBIM & AAL cards! No formal or additional training necessary. 

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