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2021 FGC Coach Mentoring Grant Program Guidelines and Appliciation

Terrell Woods

Purpose: Create a coach mentoring program for club coaches in the Florida Gold Coast (FGC). Many successful coaches talk about how they were mentored earlier in their career. This program is intended to create a practical and affordable means to connect inexperienced coaches with a veteran coach to aid in the development and education of the coach. The program may also allow veteran coaches to further expand their knowledge by providing the same means provided to novice coaches.

Program Description: The selected coach will have the opportunity to visit registered clubs within the USA. The FGC and USA Swimming funds will cover the coach’s expenses up to $1,000.00.

The club visit must not be longer than 3 days. If club visit exceeds 3 days, the coach will be responsible for all the additional expenses after the 3rd day.

What is covered: Transportation expenses (including airfare, car rental), lodging and meals (up to $50 per day). If a car rental is not needed, the coach may request mileage reimbursement. FGC will refund mileage based on the current federal rate. Coach must provide copy of all receipts related to the club visit before receiving funds from FGC.

What is not covered: Alcoholic beverages, meal totals exceeding $50 per day.

Within 2 weeks upon completion of the club visit, the mentored coach(es) must provide a detailed written report, to the LSC General Chair, Age-Group Chair and Senior Chair, outlining what they learned about their experience. They must share their experience to all coaches present at the next FGC Board meeting. Mentored coach(es) will only receive funds for their expenses after providing the written report and the presentation to the FGC Board.

FGC Contact Information General Chair – Jennifer Gibson – [email protected] Senior Chair – Chris Anderson - [email protected] Age Group Chair – Liz Kershaw - [email protected]

The program will be funded by the LSC. The Florida Gold Coast Board of Directors agreed to pay up to $3,000 to cover the expenses of the Coach Mentoring Program. The Florida Gold Coast will select up to three (3) FGC coaches from FGC registered clubs to participate in the coach mentoring program.

Mentoree and Mentor Coaches must fill out the attached application form and submit it to the current FGC Senior Chair and Age Group Chair by August 1st, 2021. All applications will be reviewed by the committee (FGC Chairman, FGC Senior Chair, FGC Age Group Chair and FGC Coaches’ representatives). Selected coaches may re-apply for future Mentorship Grant Program after being selected. However, priority will be given to coaches that were not selected in prior years.

2021 FGC Coach Mentoring Grant Guidelines and Application