Mission Statement: To promote growth and development of a diverse swimming community through education, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Vision Statement: To create a healthy community in South Florida which cultivates safety, fitness and competitive excellence through swimming.


Prospective Club Membership Information

The 2023 membership season begins on September 1, 2022

SWIMS 3.0 will go live on 9/1/2022. With that change, we will no longer handle registration through batch files and paper. All clubs should have received information over the last few months about the change, and there are several good resources for navigating the new system.

USA Swimming has two pages built. One to assist Clubs and LSC Leaders, and another to show the new Online Member Registration Process. 

Those pages may also be found by navigating to usaswimming.org, clicking About, and selecting Online Member Registration or SWIMS Database.

Important Stuff - FAQs - More Info About SWIMS 3.0

Important - Clubs that do not set up their offerings before 9/1 will not be able to do so after that. If your club does not allow Flex, and you want to turn it off so members do not see it during the process, you must do so before 8 PM on 8/31. 

Important - Registrations are effective immediately upon completion of the Online Member Registration process (after payment is complete). There is no additional approval required at the LSC level. 

Important - Because registrations are effective immediately, there is no adjusting the dates of registrations. Under no circumstances can athletes compete or practice without a valid registration (no backdating!)

Important - Club renewal - Club renewal links will display for club admins starting 9/1. There is no immediate need for clubs to renew since you're valid until 12/31. 

Important - Currently, background checks can be initiated on the website here. Starting September 1, 2022, background checks will be initiated through a member’s new USA Swimming Account.

FAQ - How do I send my Registration Link to members? Each club will need to determine the process that works best. Clubs using 3rd party vendors with SWIMS 3.0 integration may have additional options. All clubs will be able to copy and paste their link into an email for direct distribution. In addition, clubs will be able to generate new links if something happens to the existing ones. Protect your links as much as possible to prevent people who haven't registered with your club from getting through.

FAQ - I see I have two links, one for Full Price and one for Outreach - Athletes qualifying for Outreach membership (click here for Criteria) will use a distinct link. This link will provide the correct pricing for their membership. 

FAQ - What if my club wants to pay? Clubs may need to get a little creative here. The above question may answer this as well. If the club wants to pay without reimbursing, they would need to provide a form of payment. Registrations need to be completed by the individual registering (or a parent). The only exception is an upgrade, but it is still recommended to have the family/member complete that.

FAQ - There are people on my non-athlete roster no longer affiliated with my club. How do I get them off? If a club admin looks at the non-athlete roster, selects the edit option, and then initiates a transfer to FG/UN, they will move off of the club.

FAQ - I wear multiple hats as a coach, official, board member, etc. What do I register as? All of them! In the new system, you will select any membership category that applies to you. You are only billed for one USA Swimming membership. LSC fees apply to each membership selected. The price at check out will show this for you.

FAQ - I don't want to register, but I want to view my kids. How do I do that? On 9/1 users will be able to head to hub.usaswimming.org, create a new account, and proceed accordingly. Once your account is created, you will be able to enter your family on your dashboard. In order to facilitate adding family members, their new ID will be required. If you need that information, please ask your club admin or email [email protected]

Tuesday, August 30th

Beginning September 1, 2022, USA Swimming will now be doing all registrations online and you will be making payment online. This new process is called Online Member Registration (OMR).

The Online Registration Process is part of the new member database (SWIMS 3.0) that is being launched on 9/1/22.

The launch of SWIMS 3.0 will discontinue all current Deck Pass accounts. All existing Deck Pass account holders will have to set up a new USA Swimming Account.


The registration process is 2 steps:

1. CREATING AN ACCOUNT – to be done first (the sooner the better!)

2. ONLINE MEMBER REGISTRATION – to be done between 9/01/22 and 12/31/22 so we can confirm that all swimmers are registered before 2023. You will also be able to create an account at this step. However, we recommend that you create your account in September/October. The steps to create an account are listed below.

*** We recommend you do this process on a laptop or home computer, not on your mobile device, as some of the information is hard to see on your phone***

STEP ONE: CREATING AN ACCOUNT – a one-time process

ALL teams, coaches, swimmers, officials, and parents will have to set up a NEW account with USA Swimming beginning 9/1/22. This process will NOT renew your registration for 2023. You will use the link sent from your child's team to renew your registration (see step 2) on 9/01/22.

Below is a link to a page that has helpful tutorials on how to set up your account:



Parents – ALL parents will have to set up a NEW account with USA Swimming:

- If you are an existing member of USA Swimming (coach, official), please watch the 3-minute tutorial ‘How to Create an Account for an Existing Member’


- If you have never been a member of USA Swimming, please watch the 2-minute tutorial ‘How to Create an Account for Parents’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR9RDM-ShhY)

- These videos were recently updated and literally walk you through the process, screen by screen. We recommend you watch them before and during your login process.

- IF you are having issues in receiving your Member ID, please contact Dick Cavanah at [email protected] or Christi Wathen at [email protected]  and we will be able to assist you. Make sure to check your spam before contacting us.

- Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions on that page for additional information.

***The link to login to create your new account is: http://hub.usaswimming.org/landing


Please watch the 4-minute tutorial ‘Online Member Registration Preview’ on https://www.usaswimming.org/about-usas/resources/online-member-registration - the page with the other tutorials.

Remember: You must complete Step 1 - creating your new account before you are able to register online.

If you joined your new club before 9/1/22, your child will register as ‘I am an existing member’, since all swimmers have already been registered through 12/31/22.

If you joined your new club after 9/1/22, your child will register as ‘I am a new member’.


Premium Athlete – Unrestricted Membership - $90 ($68 to USA Swimming and $22 to FGC)

Flex Membership $30 ($20 to USA Swimming and $10 FGC) Restricted membership to 12 and Under - No more than two sanctioned meets per year. For more competitions, swimmer must upgrade to Premium Athlete Membership.

Outreach Membership – Restricted Discounted Membership for Qualified athletes (click here for Criteria) - $7 ($5 to USA Swimming and $2 to FGC)

Seasonal Membership  - $45 ($30 to USA Swimming and $15 FGC) - Restricted to the following dates: April 28 through September 25, 2023. 

Coach – $100 ($68 to USA Swimming and $32 to FGC) Only for those on your team's Coaching Staff who have completed the required training certifications, except Junior Coaches (16 & 17 year olds) will select this option.

Apprentice Official – this is a 60-day free membership. During this time, the apprentice official takes the clinic/training, the test, and apprenticeship. After certification is complete, you will register for membership as an official.

Official $75 ($68 to USA Swimming and $7 to FGC) - All officials, including Admin Officials, will select this option. FGC parents and volunteers who are certified as an Official, including Admin Officials. This membership is done AFTER all the requirements to become an Official are completed.


At the end of the first registration that you create, you will see the option ‘Add Another Member’ before you check out. You will receive a confirmation email of the registrations that you have submitted.


USA Swimming Updates for ALL Members and Teams - Effective Sept. 1, 2022

Saturday. August 27, 2022

Good Evening FGC Coaches & Clubs-

As we begin our new swim season with our teams, the FGC Board of Directors is here to assist all FGC teams with the USA SWIMMING TECHNOLOGY UPDATES-EFFECTIVE SEPT. 1, 2022. 

These updated changes include:

            SWIMS 3.0-The NEW Member Database replacing the old SWIMS. (All ID #’s change!)

            OMR-Online Member Registration


These are not optional changes!  This action needs to happen NOW!  The technology was very old & failing.  We realize this is going to be a big change for all of us - teams, coaches, officials, parents and swimmers.  As FGC Board of Directors, we are here to help you.  WE can do this!

We recommend taking this one step at a time & please reach out to us with questions that you may have! 

Let’s Get Started:

We want to break this down and assist you right away in getting the process started.

Use the following:

1)      “FGC-6 Step Guide To Setting up SWIMS 3.0 Account” - see below

2)      USA Swimming email - “Creating SWIMS & Checklist To Complete By September 1, 2022” - see attached

3)      “FGC SWIMS 3.0 Help Guide for Club Administrators/Coaches” - see attached

This guide is VERY detailed with step-by-step pictured instructions. It is 66 pages. 


*Step #1:

The first step is setting up a new account in the SWIMS 3.0 database.

You NEED to do this as a Coach now!

Your Club Administrator can set up your Club/Team in SWIMS 3.0 now as well.  Follow the steps in the attached email from USA Swimming.

Your Coaching Staff should set up their own account NOW also.

(Swimmers/parents are not yet able to set up accounts.  This will happen after 9/1/2022)

*Step #2:

Online Member Registration (OMR) Effective September 1, 2022.  Going forward, the ONLY way that Coaches, Swimmers, Officials and Non-Athletes will be able to register is online.  No one can register at this time.  OMR will 'open' on 9/1/22

**Registrations will NO LONGER be sent to the FGC/Richard Cavanah.  

FGC 6 Step Guide To Setting Up SWIMS 3.0 Account:

If you would like to get a head start on creating your new USA Swimming account, here is the email the FGC sent to Club Administrators on August 18:

1.   Click on the Blue SWIMS (in the USA Swimming email attached).  This is the link:  https://hub.usaswimming.org/landing.  This will connect you to a LOGIN page.

2.   On the LOGIN page, you must click the button CREATE a LOGIN.  You must create a new login - your old login for usaswimming.org will not work.           (There are now requirements for creating a password.)

3.   You will then receive an email from PingOne with your Verification Code.  Copy and paste this into the place it asks for it.

4.   Login with your new Username and Password (the one you created in step 2), then click "Request Member ID".

5.   You will then receive an email from USA Swimming with your new Member ID.  Copy this ID since you will need it as part of your initial login.

 **Note:  It may take up to an hour or so for USA Swimming to send this email with your new Member ID.

If, after waiting an hour or so and you haven't received the email with your new Member ID, please contact either Dick Cavanah or Christi Wathen.  We will be able to give you your new Member ID.

6.   Once logged in, Club Administrators can follow the steps in the email from USA Swimming on completing the action items to set up your club (see attachment).

IF you have any questions dealing with any of the setup procedures, CONTACT:


                          Coach Dick Cavanah - - - - [email protected]

                          Coach Christi Wathen - - - - [email protected]