Mission Statement: Florida Swimming serves the competitive swimming community by providing
an environment where our members can achieve their greatest dreams, in and out of the pool.

Core Values: Safety, Integrity, Inclusion, Excellence, Supportive, Leadership

Vision: Dream, Believe, and Achieve

LSC Contacts:

Florida Swimming Office
Address: 214 E. Washington St., Suite B 
Minneola, FL 34715
Ph:  352-242-5145
Fax:  352-242-5245

Executive Director:  Vanessa Brewer E-mail
Adminstrative Assistant: Ellen Earley E-mail
Webmaster: Don Henshaw E-mail

Board of Directors & Officers  (updated 10/06/21)

LSC Meetings  (updated 8/20/20)

FL Bylaws  (updated 12/31/20)

FL Rules and Regulations  (updated 10/26/21)

FL Policies and Procedures (updated 10/026/21)

FLAC Policies and Procedures Addendum  (updated 11/10/19)

FL Athletes Committee Manual (updated 5/23/19)

2019 Budget (updated 10/23/18)

FL Code of Conduct

USA Swimming Rules and Regs (updated 7/05/20)

Risk Management

Report Accidents