Don Henshaw
May 14, 2019
Last month USA-Swimming sent out a communication to all members regarding the  Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) . The U.S. Center for SafeSport (the same organization that institutes the Athlete Protection Training (APT) platform) will require all national governing bodies of all sports to implement MAAPP by June 23. 
MAAPP will apply to all adults who interact with and have direct and frequent contact with minor athletes, including adult athletes.
Link to USA-Swimming page for MAAPP information  HERE . You will also find additional resources to assist you as you make these changes. 
What does this mean??
Education and Training Changes
The Center requires regular and consistent training for all adults who interact with and have direct and frequent contact with minor athletes, including adult athletes. All USA Swimming non-athlete members regularly complete Safe Sport training, known as Athlete Protection Training.  Now, all adult athlete members (any athlete of 18 years of age as of June 23 rd ) will also be required to complete Athlete Protection Training.  All adult members—athlete and non-athlete—will be required to complete the training annually.  
Link to APT is HERE. Follow the instructions posted - Athletes will need to create an account if they don’t already have one – as a USA-Swimming registered member you have a member record with USAS. 
APT takes 24-36 hours to update and you must click all the way through for course evaluation –  there must be a checkmark on your dashboard to show that the course is complete.  As a precaution please save your completion certificates.
This item cannot be updated by Florida Swimming – only USAS – this is a mandatory certification to be a current adult member.   If not completed, this could affect entry into swim meets – please understand athletes will not be on your active rosters when entering meets in OME (LSC Championships, Nationals, Jrs. Nationals, Futures, Zones, etc).
Policy changes:
Accordingly, by June 23 rd , every USA Swimming member organization is required to update its policies to reflect MAAPP.
MAAPP focuses on 5 areas:
1.    One-on-one interactions
2.    Travel – Local and Team
3.    Social Media & Electronic communication
4.    Locker rooms & changing areas
5.    Massages & rubdowns
Please remember these changes are to protect our athletes and create a safe environment - please share with your coaches, club, parents and athletes.
If you have questions about these changes, please contact USA Swimming staff at .