Florida Swimming Web
Oct 26, 2018

A little more than two weeks ago, Panama City, Florida and the
surrounding area were hit by one of the strongest Hurricanes to ever
make landfall on the United States. Hurricane Michael left a terrible
path of destruction to our community and we will be recovering for
some time. However, the panhandle of Florida is full of great and
strong people and we will rebuild. Panama City Swim Team, Seals Swim
Club, and the area High School programs have many members who have
lost their homes and have massive property damage. Many of them are
in temporary housing such as all of our families who were stationed at
Tyndall Air Force Base. Schools will not reopen until early to
mid-November. None of our facilities appear to have too much actual
damage, however without having full power or water restoration, they
are unavailable for swimming. The major pool in our area at Frank
Brown Park had been the primary staging area for all of the power
companies and was unavailable for swimming, however it will open on
Saturday October 27 giving us at least one pool in which to train.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many members of the
Florida Swimming LSC who have reached out to us in this time of need.
Being in a vacation area, we have been privileged to host swimmers
from many of your teams and we have heard from so many of them in the
past two weeks. We view them as a part of our team as much as our
residents. We have been blessed with many offers of supplies from
essentials to clothing and swim gear and everything in between. These
supplies are being distributed to our families and they are much
appreciated. Your support means more to our area than you know.
Additionally, many of our swimmers have been displaced and have been
graciously welcomed into swim programs at every stop. This has given
the swimmers a sense of normalcy during this disaster and given
parents valuable time to work on discussions with their insurance
companies, etc..

Many people have asked how they can help. We have set up a Go Fund Me
page to help make sure that no swimmer has to leave the sport due to
the financial strain that this storm will cause over the next several
months. We have suspended dues for our members and are through the
generous donations of others are still able to keep our employees
earning a much needed paycheck during this time. We can also still
use supplies such as food, water, cleaning supplies, clothing and
blankets, swim gear, gift cards to places like Target and Walmart, and
school supplies. These supplies will be distributed to all USA
Swimming members from PCST and SEALS as well as area High School,
Middle School, and Summer programs.

Link for GoFundMe page: www.gofundme.com/pcst-adoptaswimmer

If you would like to send supplies, or would like to contact me about
anything, send an e-mail to Coach Brian Haddad at
brianehaddad@gmail.com. Supplies or any other items can be sent to me
Brian Haddad
8607 Marlin Place
Panama City Beach 32408
(I believe that our team P.O. Box has been destroyed in the storm)

Thanks again to all who have been so helpful to us in our time of
need. We hope to see you at swim meets in the near future,
Brian Haddad
Head Coach
Panama City Swim Team