Mission Statement: Florida Swimming serves the competitive swimming community by providing
an environment where our members can achieve their greatest dreams, in and out of the pool.

Core Values: Safety, Integrity, Inclusion, Excellence, Supportive, Leadership

Vision: Dream, Believe, and Achieve

Officials' Forms

Updated 12/23/20

Links to Meet Management Forms

Meet Sign-In Forms:

4-Day Meet with 7 Sessions, Refs & Starters

4-Day Meet with 7 Sessions, S&T Judges

5-Session Meet for All Officials

7-Session Meet, Refs & Starters

7-Session Meet, S&T Judges

9-Session Meet, Refs & Starters

9-Session Meet, S&T Judges


Deck Assignment Form:

Assignment Sheet - Version 1 

Assignment Sheet - Version 2


Disqualification Forms:

Disqualification Slips - 3 to a page

Disqualification Log

Event Closeout Form - 6 to a page


Distance Count Sheets:

No-Show Forms:
Scratch Forms:
Computer Operator / Scorer Forms:
Timer Briefing Forms:

Links to Other Florida Swimming & USA Swimming Forms

Meet Referee, Officials Tracking System (OTS) & Reimbursement Forms:
FL Application for Nat'l Meet Support **Now Using the Same Form as Coaches**