Officials' Forms

Updated October 8, 2019

Links to Meet Management Forms

Meet Sign-In Forms
4-Day Meet with 7 Sessions, Refs & Starters
4-Day Meet with 7 Sessions, S&T Judges
5-Session Meet for All Officials
7-Session Meet, Refs & Starters
7-Session Meet, S&T Judges
9-Session Meet, Refs & Starters
9-Session Meet, S&T Judges
Deck Assignment Forms
Assignment Sheet - Version 1                           
Assignment Sheet - Version 2
Disqualification Forms
Disqualification Slips - 3 to a page        
Disqualification Log
Event Closeout Form - 6 to a page Download
Distance Count Sheets
YARDS - All Distances on one Form
YARDS - 1650
YARDS - 1000
YARDS - 500
METERS - All Distances on one Form          
METERS - 1500
METERS - 800
Relay Take-Off Forms
Relay Take-Off Slips - 8-Lane Pool
Relay Take-Off Slips - 10-Lane Pool            
No-Show Forms
No-Show Slips
No-Show Log
Positive Check-In Form                                  
Scratch Forms
Scratch Slips
Finals Scratch / Intent to Scratch Form      
Computer Operator/Scorer Forms
Computer Change Form 
Deck Entry Form
Heat Adjustment Worksheet
Lane Malfunction Worksheet                      
Place Judge Worksheet
Quick Guide to the USA- S Timing Adjustment Rule Change (May 2016)
Timer Briefing Forms
Timer Briefing Form - guide to brief timers
Timer Briefing Handouts for timers

Links to Other Florida Swimming & USA Swimming Forms

Meet Referee, Officials Tracking System (OTS) & Reimbursement Forms
Referee Meet Report - Report Session Length
OTS - Add officials/sessions worked directions
OTS - View history/add other meets directions
FL Championship Assigned Official's Expense Reimbursement Form **Updated 5-22-18** Download
FL Application for Nat'l Meet Support **Now Using the Same Form as Coaches** Go to Link
Request for Observed Meet Forms
Florida Swimming Request for Observation - Form A **Updated 9-21-17** Download
Florida Swimming Request for Observation - Form B **Updated 9-21-17** Download

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