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Florida Swimming Open Water Information


Open water swimming reached a new level of international exposure by becoming an official event at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Open water swimming offers the purest form of racing, where athletes are racing against their fellow competitors and not the clock. Race strategies, along with the conditions, are constantly changing which makes adaptability a key skill. Each race varies in length and course design, especially at the local level. USA Swimming’s Zone Championships feature a 5K and our national and international level events feature a 5K, 7.5K, 10K, and a 25K.


EDUCATION: Tips and safety information.

EVENT MANAGEMENT:  Getting started,  Sanctioning, Templates, Officials, and Rules.

GEAR ESSENTIALS:  Are you unsure what to bring to an open water race? Below is a list of essentials for open water swimming. Depending on the type of race, length, and venue some or all these items may be required. 

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