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Transfer Request Form for Athletes & Non-Athletes


203.3 For a swimmer to represent a USA Swimming club in a competitive event, one hundred twenty (120) consecutive days must have elapsed without the swimmer having represented any other USA Swimming club in USA Swimming competition. (An athlete may practice with another club at any time and does not have to wait 120 days.)
This 120-day rule does not apply to representation in closed competition even if it is sanctioned or approved by the LSC.


 A swimmer may unattach at any time, may enter any meet as unattached, or change to unattached at any time during a meet.

 As soon as you are aware of a pending relocation, consider changing the swimmer to unattached status to initiate the 120-day waiting period by submitting a completed transfer form to your current LSC.

 When using meet management software to enter the swimmer in a meet, be aware of the acceptable unattached codes in your meet software so that the athlete is properly entered into the meet as UN.
(The only official designation for unattached is UN.)


To set your athletes as unattached in their profile which will ENFORCE in event entries:

1. Sign in

2. Go to Account/Member Admin > Members Tab

3. Search for your athlete

4. Select Athlete’s name to edit

5. Locate the “Attach Date” and Add the date the will become Attached

6. Save Changes

The date will now enforce in the event entry module--the logic is:

If the Attach Date is GREATER than the start date of the meet, the athlete’s entries will be marked UN.

If the Attach Date is LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO the Start Date, then the athlete’s entries will NOT be marked UN.