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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


Checklist for New Coaches

USAS/KYLSC non-athlete Member - Click here to access form
Safety Training for Coaches in-wter (can be a lifeguarding certification)
Safety Training for Coaches American Red Cross online course
USAS Athlete Protection Training course
USAS Background Check
Concussion Protocol  Training
USADA Coach's Advantage Tutorial 
USAS Foundations of Coaching 101

Must maintain a current certification at all times. List of approved courses in the step by step list 

____ Current USAS/KYLSC Membership Application
         Complete and mail a non-athlete membership application to the address printed on the application form.

___ CPR Fee dependent on organizaito, instrutor and location 
        Click here for approved courses and more detailed instructions
        Please submit a copy of your certificate to KY Swimming or forward the ARC link.

___ Safety Training for Swim Coaches Fees dependent on organization, instructor and location

  • Complete the American Red Cross STSC Online Content Only course option. Enroll in this course at
    (Select a Class–Swimming & Water Safety. On the next screen scroll down and select Safety Training for Swim Coaches. Click on Find a ClassSafety Training for Swim Coaches Online Content Only will appear on the next screen. Click on Take This Class. Print/save the Online Content Only certificate (not the certificate of the test score). 
  • Take an in-water Safety Training for Swim Coaches course or Lifeguarding course. Email certificate to [email protected]

___ APT FREE Athlete Protection Training Course
The Athlete Protection Training requirement is good for one year. 

  • Go to or
  • Enter your first name, last name, and DOB into the fields and click “SEARCH” If the system can’t find you, please contact the KY Swimming office at [email protected]
  • Click on your name to access the LEARN site.
  • Once you have completed your course, your membership record will update with a new APT expiration date within 24 hours.

  ___ BGC $38 USA Swimming online Background Check Click here for USAS BGC link
If you experience problems or do not receive an email indicating you passed the screening, please contact USA Swimming:

___ CONCUSSION COURSE FREE National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS),

___ FOC 101 $15 Foundations of Coaching 101 Click here for USAS FOC 101 link

  1. Hover your mouse over Member Resources and click on Becoming a Coach
  2. Scroll down and stop at the FOC section & select the blue toggle, LEARN MORE
  3.  Scroll down and select, CHOOSE A COURSE
  4.   Answer the questions and follow the instructions

Foundations 101 is a 2 hour introductory coaching course required of all new USA Swimming member coaches.
The course contains four lessons including the roles and responsibilities of a coach, effective communication, growth and development, basic stroke technique and swim practice design.
This multi-media course is presented entirely online and includes a required test.

­­­­­____ USADA Coaching Advantage Tutorial  FREE 20-minute video course (presented in four modules)

The course covers WADA code, checking medications, the testing process and a coach’s role in the clean sport movement. Renewal date for this course will be one year from completion date.
Please direct questions about the USADA Coaching Advantage Tutorial to
[email protected]

Coaches should submit a copy of the CPR/AED, Safety Training for Swim Coaches and Concussion Protocol Training certifications with their application and payment to their LSC. Once all membership requirements have been met, the membership card will be available on Deck Pass.

Questions regarding the membership process: [email protected].
Questions regarding the Foundations of Coaching courses: [email protected].
Questions regarding the background check: [email protected].
Questions regarding the APT and USADA Coach’s Advantage: [email protected].

A coach can sign up for a Deck Pass account at to be able to verify membership status and check the expiration dates of all of coach membership requirements. Deck Pass also serves as an electronic membership card at meets. Questions: [email protected].

Procedures to be used for obtaining ASCA Level Two and ASCA Level Three Course materials
(Not USAS Required unless head coach for new club)

Coaches needing the ASCA Level Two or ASCA Level Three tests must purchase the courses from ASCA. The cost is $45.

You will need to purchase the Level 2 and Level 3 online format
Call place your order over the phone: 1-800-356-2722 / (954) 563-4930
Place an order through the ASCA online store

Click here for the Level 2 online course

Click here for the Level 3 online course

When submitting the test(s) for grading, a coach must inform ASCA that they are taking the test to meet the USA New Club Membership requirement.

  1. Upon successful completion of the test, ASCA will mail a letter of completion to the coach.
  2. The ASCA office will keep the test in a physical file at the ASCA office and will maintain the information in the ASCA database.
  3. Existing ASCA Level Two or Three coaches need only to copy their current membership card to the local LSC registration chair.

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