KENTUCKY SWIMMING - PO Box 163 - Wilmore, KY 40390 - (859) 539-9091- [email protected]


The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


To be selected as a special teams coach, you must apply.

Email the Kentucky Swimming Office answering the following questions [email protected]

  1. What special team are you interested in coaching? Please see list below.
  2. Are you interested in head coach, assistant coch or either?
  3. How long have you coached for a USA Swimming club?
  4. Have you coached a non-USAS team? If so, what type of team (high school, YMCA, college, etc.) and how long?
  5. What age groups have you coached? Please specify how long for each group.
  6. Have you attended any Coach Clinics or Trainings? Please give details.
  7. Have you coached any special teams? Please give details.
  • Age-Group S Zones Team head or assistant coach
  • S Zones Open Water head or assistant coach
  • MidState AllStars head or assistant coach
  • Olympic Training Center staff
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Event
  • KY Swimming Swim Clinic