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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


Kentucky Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MISSION

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity within KYLSC Swimming in all age groups, regardless of gender, race, religion, ability,  through multiple avenues, including but not limited to educational programs, social media, camps, written media, etc.  Support DEI awareness among athletes, coaches, officials, and non-athlete members through educational offerings from the National DEI Committee, USAS, and other sources of DEI related information.

The Kentucky Swimming DEI Committee is looking for volunteers who are passionate about swimming and bringing swimming to nontraditional or under-represented groups; to include disability swimmers; to promote inclusion of ALL incomes, genders, ethnicities.  What other sport saves lives like learning to swim? 

If you are passionate about swimming and want to promote it throughout our Commonwealth of Kentucky, please contact Ruth-Ann Bode, Diversity and Inclusion chair for KYLSC.  Email at [email protected] or [email protected], text/call at 502-533-8806.

For more information about USA Swimming's Diversity & Inclusion programs, check it out at

Cultural Inclusion Resource Guides:

The Cultural Inclusion Resource Guides identify different cultural information, pillars of the sport and different programming that can be used to reach out to various multi-cultural groups.  These guides can be used to educate coaches and current swimmers about different cultural groups or be used as a way to educate new swimmers about the numerous cultures in swimming. 

Link to USA Swimming D&I Guides: