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General Chair Administrative   Administrative Vice-Chair Age Group Vice-Chair
Elected 4/17; Ends 9/19 1st term   Elected  9/18; Ends 9/20 1st term Elected 9/19; Ends 9/21 2nd term
Amy Albiero   Chip Augustus Mike Essig
Senior Vice Chair   Program Development Vice-Chair Coaches Representative
Elected 9/18; Ends 9/20 1st Term   Operations Vice-Chair Elected 9/18; Ends 9/20 1st Term
Chrislyn Ruddy   Elected 9/18; Ends 9/20 1st Term Pedro Pereira   Brian Johnson  
Officials Chair     Athlete Representatives
Appt. 1/19; Ends 9/19 interim   Rules Chair Senior Representative
Becky Gilpatrick   Elected 9/18; Ends 9/20 2nd Term Kaitlyn Brandenburg - ET   Bucky Stoess Emily Peck - KYA  
Safety Chair-Safe Sport       
Elected 4/17; Ends 9/19 1st Term   Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair Members At-Large
Kris Humphries   Appointed 4/17; Ends 9/19 Elected 4/17; Ends 4/19 1st term   Ruth-Ann Bode Cory Pierce
Records Chair    
Elected 9/19; Ends 9/21 1st Term   Technical Planning  
Terri Tonges   Elected 9/17; Ends 9/19 interim   Robyn Brandenburg  
Finance Chair     KYLSC Office 
Elected 4/14; Ends 9/20 3rd Term   Past General Chair - Mike DeBoor Executive Secretary* webmaster
Bobby Livesay  


Maureen McDonald     PO Box 630
      Versailles, KY 40383
      859 539-9091 office
Committee Listing and Chairs      
Age Group    Mike Essig  
Program & Development   Brian Johnson  
Coach    Pedro Pereira  
Officials   Becky Gilpatrtick  
Governance Committee   Bucky Stoess  
Safety/Safe Sport/Risk Mang   Kris Humphries  
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion   RuthAnn Bode  
Technical Planning   Robyn Brandenburg  
Finance   Bobby Livesay  
Athlete   Kaitlyn Brandenburg