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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


         SANCTIONED MEET FORMS            

Meet Bid Request   pdf   online Meet Type Definitions MAAPP Language for Meets Open Water Meet Safety Plan template
Online Sanction Application Online Meet Observsation Request
High School, College, Masters
MAAPP Checklist for Meet Referees Open Water Sanction Checklist
Meet Announcement Template Approved Meet Request (YMCA) MAAPP Language for Coach Briefing Open Water Sanction Worksheet
Meet Results and Payment  pdf Observed DQ Log for Officials SAFE SPORT Locker Room Sign  Open Water Meet Announcement Template
Meet Director Handbook   SAFE SPORT Behind the Blocks Sign Open Water Body Marking Diagram
    MEET 360 Safe Sport Meet Guide  
    Safe Sport Deck/Pool Checklist pdf  
    MAAPP Minor Athlete Changing Area  
    MAAPP Adult Athlete Changing Area  

                    To sanction a meet,

  1. secure all meet personnel (see sanction application for list),
  2. complete a Sanction Application (see above under Sanctioned Meet Forms - Sanction Application pdf or Online Sanction Application),
  3. create a Meet Announcement (see above under Sanctioned Meet Forms - Meet Announcement Template), and
  4. submit Sanction Applicaiton, Meet Announcement and sanction fee payment to the KYLSC office

Procedure for USAS/KY Sanctioned Swim Meet
All Sanctioned meets, excluding Dual, Intrasquad and Time Trials shall be schedule through the KY Swimming Meet Bid Process. Club may request a sanctioned meet be added to the schedule after the bid deadline.

45 days before the meet submit the following:

  1. Sanction Application with Sanction Fee
  2. Meet Events File
  3. Meet Announcement

Five days before the meet submit the following:

  1. Meet Manager USS Registration File (Meet Manager - Export - USS Registration File)

Within fifteen days after competition submit the following to the Kentucky Swimming office:

  1. Meet Results File (zipped)
  2. Meet Backup
  3. Meet Results (pdf)
  4. Team Entry Count Report
  5. Meet Fees

With the exception of championship and open water meets, the program in all other age group competition shall be planned to allow the events for swimmers twelve (12) years and younger to be completed in four (4) hours or less for a timed finals session or in a total of eight (8) hours or less per day for a preliminaries and finals meet.


Make payments to and mail to: 
PO Box 163
Wilmore, KY 40390

Officials other than the Referee and Administrative Official may act in more than one officiating capacity only when sufficient qualified officials are not available, but no one may simultaneously time and judge the order of finish.

For all swim meets or time trials, except dual and intrasquad meets, there should not be fewer than the following officiating positions filled.

1 Referee
1 Starter
3 Timers per lane (one minimum if automatic equipment with touchpads is used)
1 Clerk of Course (if applicable)
1 Place Judge (2 are preferred)
2 Stroke Judges and 2 Turn Judges or 2 Stroke & Turn Judges
Relay Take-off Judges (if applicable)
1 Administrative Official
1 Announcer
1 Timing Equipment Operators (as needed)
1  Marshal

Minimum Number of Officials Required for Dual and Intrasquad Meets

1 Referee, who may also act as a stroke and turn judge
1 Starter
1 Other Stroke and Turn Judge (may be the Starter)
1 Announcer
3 Timers per lane (one minimum if automatic timing equipment with touchpads is used)
1 Administrative Official
1 Place Judge
1 Relay Take-off Judges (if applicable)
   Timing Equipment Operators (as needed)
1  Marshal



Championship meet bids for 2023 - 2026 short course are due April 1, 2022
Championship meet bids for 2022 - 2024 long course are due TBD   

Meet Bid Procedure

1710 - Bid Procedure
Meets other than dual meets, time trials and Kentucky Swimming Championship Meets are scheduled within Kentucky Swimming on a bid basis to avoid conflicts in scheduling and to provide a progression of competitive events at all levels of ability during each season. Only clubs that are current USA Swimming and Kentucky Swimming members in good standing may qualify for bidding toward the proposed meet schedule. 

Step 1
Meet bids to be considered shall be registered with the Kentucky Swimming Office via email or hard copy no later than April 1st for the next short course season and October 1st for the next long course season.
Bid proposals shall include all information specified on the meet bid form.  Meet Bids received after the cutoff date shall be subject to a $50.00 fine.   See 2230 Late submission for meet bid.

The host club may request the fines be waived for bids which were not submitted and or received within the allotted time period to submit such bids.  It is up to the host club to present evidence regarding the extenuating circumstances for the late meet bid.  The BOD (majority vote) shall determine if the fine(s) shall be enforced or waived based upon the host club explanation of their request to waiver fine(s).

Following are a few examples of extenuating circumstances in which fine(s) would generally be granted a waiver: new site/pool/team, a team adding a meet due to being dropped from another. This list is not inclusive and host clubs have the right to request fines be waived as their situation dictates. Closed Invitational Meets shall include a list of the proposed clubs being invited (invitees) upon the met bid request.

Step 2
The Kentucky Swimming office shall identify all potential conflicts & alert the clubs in conflict promptly.

Clubs can choose to come to an agreement amongst themselves. allow conflict to go to the “continuing conflict” stage.

Clubs in “continuing conflict” shall be referred to the program development committee.

Clubs shall be considered in “continuing conflict” two weeks post the meet bid date unless the Office of Kentucky Swimming is advised otherwise. 

If there is no “continuing conflict” proceed to step 6. 

Meet date changes from a host club that progress into a “continuing conflict” stage shall also progress onto the next step.  Preferential treatment shall be given towards the host club that turned their bid in on time.  

Continuing conflict - a conflict between two clubs over a potential meet date that cannot be resolved between the clubs.

Step 3
Program Development Committee shall identify “continuing conflicts” and evaluate meets based on number of years the meet has run, type of meet, the number of meets the host clubs will host in a season, geographical relevance, past clubs attending said meet and all other information in meet bid request.  The Committee shall also take into account new sites within clubs, i.e. teams expanding into new pools, and new teams starting up. 

It is the purpose of this evaluation process to encourage competitive competition throughout the LSC and all decisions from this body shall be evaluated through this thought process.  After the evaluation process, the committee shall make a recommendation to the KYLSC Board of Directors.

Closed Invitationals with no past club conflict (inviting teams from meets on that weekend) are exempt from “continuing conflict” status. 

Step 4
KYLSC Board of Directors will decide how to resolve the conflict. 

Step 5
BOD decision can be appealed to Southern Zone Board of Review.

Step 6
If no “continuing conflicts” this step begins after step 2.  Technical Planning and the KY Swimming office shall create meet schedule.  Technical Planning may “suggest” to different clubs to add events or change certain formatting within said meet schedule, in line with Program Development Committee Proposal (TBA).

TIME TRIALS: Time trials may be held at any meet, when deemed appropriate and sanctioned properly. Time trials may also be held at a Time Trial Meet under a separate sanction. All Time Trials shall follow appropriate USA Swimming Rules.