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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


                        KENTUCKY SWIMMING OFFICIALS   



Official’s Committee Chair:  
Becky Gilpatrick  (Click to send email)
2306 Eagle Pass - Shelbyville, KY 40065

Officials’ Group (Click to send email) 

How to Become An Official:  Click HERE

Recertification Requirements:  Click HERE 

USAS Online Recertification Test (required for 2020-2021 recertification)

Athlete Protection Training - Click Here for USAS web site access

Background Check - Click Here for USAS web site access

Concussion Protocol Course Courses from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

Timer Judge Requirements: Click HERE

Certification Clinics

2020-2021 USAS Non-Athlete Membership Application

2020-2021 USAS Apprentice Application

Apprentice Verification Form ST

Apprentice Verification Form SR

Apprentice Verification Form DR

Apprentice Verification Form TJ

Apprentice Verification Form AO,AR 


National Certification
For more information on National Certification and Qualifying Meets, contact Gary Mans or go to the Officials page on

National Advancement Summary
Officials Certification Definitions
Officials Re-Certification Requirements
Request For Evaluation Form
N2/N3 Application Form (Can also be submitted on-line through OTS)


Officials’ Email Group
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Send an email to
[email protected]
An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm you to the list.

Send email to
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EMAIL THE GROUP: [email protected]


Officials Job Signup & Apprentice Signup

  1. SIGN IN on the KYLSC web site
  2. User id email: [email protected]
  3. Password: #1Volunteer​
  4. Go to the "Meets" tab, find the meet you wish to officiate, click on "Job Signup"  

(To use the KYSLC web site Job Signup feature for a meet, the host club must request that the KYLSC office activate that feature.)

Apprenticing is not offered at State Championship meets.