Welcome to Carolina Aquatics Swim Club.  We look forward to meeting you.

We Never Lose -- Either We Win, Or We Learn.

The goal of Carolina Aquatics, a non-profit swim club supported by volunteers who reach out to the swimming community, is to teach your child how to swim and how to compete in the sport of swimming.  We are more than just a year-round competitive swim team.  We start with the basics - teaching and focusing on the details while building technically sound strokes in our CA Swim School.  These principles carry through to our competitive program where we continue to focus on swimming details.  

We help kids of all ages use swimming as a means to get and stay fit.  We believe that swimming is a sport to be enjoyed for a lifetime.   We offer a Summer League Tune Up program to assist swimmers in preparing to be their best in the pool with their seasonal teams. 

With excellent instruction from our certified USA swim coaches, we firmly believe that every member of the Carolina Aquatics family will learn the life skills that accompany this sport.  


We balance hard work and details while having fun.  We strive to involve ourselves, as a staff, membership, and swim team, with several different service projects throughout the year.  These projects do not put money in our pockets;  rather, they fulfill our goal to promote our sport while giving back to the community.   Our Swim School is affiliated with Make a Splash.  Launched in 2007, Make a Splash is a national water safety program focused on educating the public on the importance of learning how to swim.  It aligns with the top Learn-to-Swim programs across the nation in order to offset the cost of swimming lessons and educate parents through a national awareness campaign in an effort to save lives.



Carolina Aquatics (CA) is a member of USA Swimming, Inc. We are a 501(c)(3) organization serving our members and the Midlands community at large. As a club, we are dedicated to serving our members to the highest of standards. Our primary purpose is to prepare swimmers for life by helping them reach their highest potential, both in and out of the pool. At Carolina Aquatics, we understand that engaged swimmers and staff working toward common goals will help each individual achieve more than they thought possible.  We expect team unity and respect for all members of the team.



We are about fast swimming with proper details. We like to have fun, too. We are a team that has a place for every swimmer regardless of their age, background, skill, or interest. We employ a professional staff with years of decorated swimming backgrounds that reflects the goals of our team – one capable of coaching a wide range of swimmers from novice to elite, but more importantly, a staff capable of using swimming as a tool to help swimmers develop critical life skills and values through their swimming experiences.

The values we reinforce include:

  • Water Safety -- We are a loud voice in the Midlands for advocacy of water safety, and we use our swim school and Make A Splash program to do so.
  • Fitness for Life -- We promote swimming for fitness for all ages, from our lessons to our masters programs.
  • Service -- We engage in community service activities and practice the life skill of helping the less fortunate.
  • Diversity -- We promote diversity and acceptance among the team, and we engage in outreach efforts to continue to strengthen the diversity of our team.
  • Goal Setting -- We teach the skills of goal setting through coach and swimmer planning and interactions, whether those goals are centered around mastering new strokes, achievement of time standards, or swimming in college or the Olympics.
  • Details -- We use athletic training to teach that success or failure in the pool and in life largely centers around setting goals and understanding that commitment to hard work and attending to details is necessary to achieve those goals.
  • Sportsmanship -- We use athletic competition to teach the skills of spirited sportsmanship, as well as the importance of learning to win and lose with class.
  • Balance – We teach that to be good at something you have to enjoy it.  Therefore, we balance hard work with having fun.                                                                                                                                              



Recent CA swimmers who have moved on to swim in collegiate programs OR who have signed letters of intent to do so:

For more information about the competitive team or non-competitive programs, please call or email:

Head Coach Chris Wolford
[email protected]

Our mailing address is:

Carolina Aquatics Swim Club Post Office Box 5592 Columbia, South Carolina 29250-5592  

Our History and Structure

Carolina Aquatics Swim Club, Inc., is a professionally staffed, not-for-profit (Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code), year-round competitive swim program. It operates as a member of USA Swimming, the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United, and the South Carolina Swimming Local Swim Committee (LSC).

Carolina Aquatics was founded in 1997 with the merger of Gamecock Aquatics and Team Carolina.  Over the years, the team has been a great advocate for competitive swimming throughout the state of South Carolina.  Many excellent swimmers have been a part of the CA team.  We are structured as a volunteer Parent Board of Directors swim club.  Our staff consists of carefully selected, experienced coaches.  All CA coaches are fully credentialed through USA Swimming.

The volunteer parent Board of Directors for Carolina Aquatics is made up of 6 voting members plus the head coach who is a non-voting member.  It is committed to supporting the coaching staff in their needs in providing the best opportunities for all swimmers on the CA family.  The board is active in fundraising, organizing meet support, and other "dry side" activities which contribute to the continued success of the Carolina Aquatics program.


Board Members for the 2019-2020 swim season:

  • Jeremy Crisp, President
  • Amy Rountree, Vice-President
  • Dee Dee White, Treasurer
  • Sarah Quirk, Secretary
  • Sonya Head, Member-At-Large
  • Brent Moore, Member-At-Large
  • Chris Wolford, Head Coach  Head Coach