Carolina Aquatics Bylaws


The bylaws structure creates two distinct branches of our swim team, the “dry side” and the “wet side.”

  • The “dry side” is the portion that the Board of Directors oversees.  This is more of the “behind-the-scenes” business side of the team.  The Board of Directors (6 parents + the Head Coach) is responsible for managing the dues, fees, invoicing, fundraising, roster enrollment, and other administrative-type responsibilities.
  • The “wet side” is run distinctly by the Head Coach along with assistance from his/her selected Advisory Board.  The “wet side” is more of the training schedule, pool assignments, coaching placements, meet selection, swim group designation, and all things related to actual swimming.

To view the Current Bylaws click here.


Board Members for the 2019-2020 swim season:

  • Jeremy Crisp, President
  • Amy Rountree, Vice President
  • Jen Wolford, Treasurer
  • Stephanie O'Connor, Secretary
  • Sonya Head, Member-At-Large
  • Brent Moore, Member-At-Large
  • Logan Simpson, Head Coach