2020-2021 CA Registration Fees and Monthly Dues


Registration Fees (paid per swimmer once per year at registration):

  • RETURNING swimmer OR NEW to CA: $100 CA registration fee + $96 USA Swimming registration fee 
  • ACTIVE year round swimmer:  $50 CA registration fee + $96 USA Swimming registration fee 

Monthly dues are based upon the practice group of each swimmer:

Practice Group

1st Swimmer

2nd Swimmer

3rd Swimmer

4th Swimmer

5th Swimmer







CA Splashers






CA Bronze






CA Silver






CA Gold








Multi-Swimmer Family Discounts:

  • Families with two or more swimmers receive discounted dues.

Swim Meet Fees:

  • Swim meet fees are fees assessed for participating in a swim meet. They are billed in addition to the monthly dues.
  • The fees for each swim meet are set by the host team.  This information is located in the published Meet Information for that meet and available for viewing before you register for the meet.
  • On average, the fees per swimmer for a meet are $40-60. The breakdown of these fees generally includes:
    • a deck/facility fee ($15-40)
    • LSC fees ($2-5)
    • a fee for each individual event that a swimmer wishes to enter ($4-6)
    • a fee for each relay event that a swimmer wishes to enter ($2-8).
  • If the meet host allows deck entries (registering for the meet while on deck at the meet), those fees are typically double the published rate.  If allowed, a swimmer who wishes to swim a Time Trial pays an additional fee in cash on deck.
  • When CA hosts a meet, every CA family is charged a $15 Meet Host Fee to help cover the overhead costs of hosting a meet. This is in addition to the fundraising obligation and does not count toward it.


Payment of Registration, Dues, and Swim Meet Fees:

  • Method of payment accepted is either via bank draft or credit card through your Carolina Aquatics Team Unify account.
  • Transaction Fee of 2.95% plus $.50 is automatically added to each credit card payment.  
  • A Transaction Fee of $1.25 is automatically added to each ACH payment. 
  • Bank and credit card accounts will be drafted on the 1st of each month.
  • Payments are due by the 15th of each month to avoid Late Payment Charges of $25.
  • Members will receive monthly invoices via email.
  • Statements can be viewed online.