State Championship Order of Events for 2020 Short Course and Long Course


Please click here to get the State Championship Order of Events for 2020 Short Course and Long Course.  

This order of events was reviewed by the Senior Committee, Age Group Committee, Officials and the Sports Performance Committee before discussion by Technical Planning.  We look forward to working with our meet hosts to make the 2020 championship meet series an awesome experience for everyone.  

On another note, some questions were raised by coaches at the House of Delegates with respect to 2019-20 Time Standards for these Championship meets.  Those questions have been answered by the same committees.  

1. If a 10&Under only qualifies for the 500 Free at State because they swam it 3 times during the year, can they swim both relays? Answer: Yes, if they are swimming in the meet.
2. For an 11/12 with only a consideration time in a distance event. Can they now be on relays regardless, or do teams have to wait to see if they make the top-40 before relay entries are finalized and sent to the host. Answer: An 11/12 swimmer who only has a consideration time in a distance event may swim on relays if his/her entry time is accepted and he/she is entered in the meet.
3. With no restrictions on the 500 Free will the 10&under relays be scheduled before the 500 that day? Answer: All Relays are at the beginning of the sessions and BEFORE the 500/400 free events. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate committee chair.  Thank you.  

Age Group Chair, Andy Hwang,

Senior Chair, BIg Show,

Sports Performance, Chris Wolford,

Technical Planning, Cathy Sheafor,

Officials, Becky Weber, 

Athletes, Riley Parker,