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Congratulations to Annie Gillig and Haley Lips of YSSC. Annie was chosen to attend this falls USA Swimming National Select Camp in Colorado Springs 10/27-11/1. Haley was chosen for USA Swimming Youth World Cup Team that will travel to Europe 11/7-11/15. These are great achievements and SC Swimming wishes both Swimmers good luck and lots of fun in their adventures.

Congratulations to all SC Swimmers who were selected by USA Swimming for the 2008-2009 Scholastic All-American Team: Girls Boys Fallon Kelley (H2A) Grace Herlong (MPSC) Keenan Lineback (MBR) Crissy O'Berg (SS1) Addie Carne (YSSC) Christine Hughes (TG) Ellen Kilgore (TG) Jessica Mason (TG) Laura Nichols (YCSC) Elizabeth Simon (YSSC) Laura Simon (YSSC) Sara Drake (YSSC) Caroline Fore (YSSC) Jamie Osborn (YSSC) Lauren Raczkowski (YSSC) Hunter Bagnal (CA) Matt Anderson (TG) Jonathan Lierley (MPSC) Philip Mustert (MBR) Wyatt Boliek (TG) Bjoern Hornikel (SMRT) Drew O'Berg (SS1) Blake Schaeffer (TG) Walker Layne...

At its annual Convention on Saturday, over 400 USA Swimming Delegates, representing swim clubs from all 50 states, voted overwhelmingly for early implementation of a ban on high-tech swimsuits. The legislation, which will go into effect on October 1, regulates swimsuits worn in all USA Swimming–sanctioned competitions. Click here to read the official correspondence on this issue.