National Select Camp

Each fall, USA Swimming brings 96 of the top USA Swimming member athletes in the nation for a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience. Swimmers are selected from the SWIMS database of top times. During the camp, these swimmers will learn about post race recovery, drug and supplement rules, psychological training skills, nutrition, race strategy and more.

Basic Information:

Location: U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Dates: 2017 Girl's: October 19-22, 2017

             2017 Boy's: October 26-29, 2017


48 male and 48 female athletes shall be selected to participate in each camp. 42 athletes male/female shall be selected following the September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017 qualifying period based on the SWIMS database. The fastest three eligible athletes in each event will be invited. Doubles will be resolved by placing the athlete in his/her highest HY-tek power point event. 6 additional females and 6 additional males will be selected based on their individual IMX Power Point scores. The 6 highest scoring age 14-15 females, not previously selected for an individual event and the 6 highest scoring age 15-16 males, not previously selected for an individual event, will be invited. Male and female camps will be held separately.

2017 Camp Eligibility:
Qualifying period: September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017. Only Long Course times will be considered. Male athletes must be age 14 thru 16 during the qualifying period. Female athletes must be age 14 thru 16 during the qualifying period. 

NOTE: Athletes who wish to attend the National Select Camp shall be US Citizens and be able to represent the USA in international competitions. Athletes who are on or have been on any National Teams/National Juniors Teams or USA Swimming international trips, including the 2015, 2016 and/or 2017 National Junior team will not be eligible for the National Select Camp. Athletes who previously attended the National Select Camp are also not eligible.

Invited coaches: The coach of each athlete is invited for it is thought crucial to the success of this program that each home coach attends with their athlete. Playing a major role in the National Select Camp are members of the National Team Performance Support staff as well as the Club Development Performance Consultants. Separate educational tracts for the athlete’s and the coach are offered.

Right of refusal: The home coach has the final say in determining if a selected athlete attends the camp.


·         Sample topics for athletes: Physiological basis for post race recovery; drug and supplement education; practical psychological training skills; nutrition; race strategy and race analysis.

·         Sample topics for coaches: Mental skills; race analysis; biomechanical tools for the coach; introduction to video analysis; testing programs for physiology; nutrition; drug testing responsibilities.

Travel: Athletes and home coaches each receive a maximum of $200 travel reimbursement for purchased tickets following attendance at the National Select Camp.

Camp Staff: Staff for the Select Camps will be selected in two ways. The National Select Camp Director will select the Head Coaches & Head Managers for each camp. Three assistant coaches will be selected by an application process. Coaching applicants must be the coach of an athlete at the current U.S. Open or Junior Nationals.