Take the online self-assessment and gain a greater understanding of how the available resources can assist you in creating a culture of Safe Sport within your team.

There are six sections of the self-assessment, consistent with the six program areas of Safe Sport.  While there are not necessarily right or wrong answers to the assessment, the questions and the recommendations in the user guide are designed to provide a step by step map to create a Safe Sport culture on your team.

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Use this checklist in your pre-meet meeting to ensure that all individuals are aware of the potential risks:

•  How many entrances/exits to the deck are there? Are they being monitored?
•  What other events are taking place at this facility today? Are they sharing our space or locker rooms?
•  What is the age range of the swimmers? Should there be a designated area for younger swimmers?
•  Who is the designated person to receive information regarding any suspicious behavior or misconduct?
•  What is the course of action for deck changing



Getting the right personnel in the right roles is a protective factor against abuse in sport.  Safe Sport is proud to offer a tool to make this process streamlined and accessible to all member clubs.

SwimStaffSelect is a free, online resource to provide teams with the best hiring and HR tools. Club leaders will have the ability to create job descriptions and applications, interview scripts, and reference check forms, as well as have the capability to electronically store hiring records on a password protected site.

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Clubs are responsible for hiring and supervising their own coaches and staff, and managing their own volunteers. USA Swimming does not hire, supervise, or manage a club’s employment relationship with its coaches, staff, or volunteers, as that is an independent responsibility of the club. Responsible and thorough hiring practices are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy training environment for our members.

The pre-employment screening program requires clubs to certify to USA Swimming that they have conducted three required screens prior to offering employment to any potential employee.

The three screens are:

(1) past employment reference checks
(2) verify the highest held level of education
(3) acquire a state motor vehicle report

Clubs are also encouraged to complete two option screens:

(1) social network search
(2) Google media search

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