BOD and HOD Meeting Minutes  



General Chair Aimee Onoszko [email protected]
Admin Vice Chair Dan Mascolo [email protected]
Financial Chair Laura Guthinger [email protected]
Senior's Vice Chair Jon Mengering  [email protected]
Age Group Vice Chair Rhett Wisener & Eduardo Dos Santos [email protected]
Secretary Khufu Holly [email protected]
Treasurer Joyce Dodd [email protected]




Coach’s Representative Mike Lane [email protected]
Sr. Athlete Representative Hayden Kirkhart [email protected]
Jr. Athlete Representative Caroline Parker [email protected]
Technical Planning Chair Brian Heaton [email protected]
Safe Sport Heather Alexander [email protected]
Legislative Chair Jason Overby [email protected]
Officials Chair Aimee McMillan [email protected]
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Stanley McIntosh [email protected]
Athlete Representative at Large Jill Smiley [email protected]
  Alex Ritz [email protected]
At Large     
Communication Committee Chair Jay Boudreau  [email protected]
Open Water Chair Jon Mengering [email protected]
Sanctions/Registration Chair Karen Alexander [email protected]