2021 South Carolina Age Group Championship Zone Team


Athlete Application                    Coach Application

Round 1 applications are open.  All applications must be submitted by Memorial Day.  Swimmers wishing to be considered for the first phase must have completed their application by April 1.  

The 2020 Age Group Zone Team will travel to Tupelo, MS July 26- August 1, 2021 .  Accommodations are arranged by the LSC. Specific information will be given to those athletes who are selected to the team.  The LSC will provide each swimmer transportation to and from the camp, 1 swim bag, 2 caps, team shirts and 1 athlete gift.  

Swimmers will be allowed to bring (1) duffle bag for clothes + their Zone Team bag.  The total cost per swimmer is determined by the Age Group Committee (This includes meals, travel, athlete gift and lodging).  All athletes will be expected to adhere to the SC Code of Conduct and Commitment to Training.  Any violation will result in the athlete being sent home at the families expense and reimbursement made to South Carolina Swimming for the total cost of the trip.

Medical release forms will be given to all selected members immediately following the selections in Short Course & Long Course.

8 Girls & 8 Boys will be selected for the following age groups:

11 - 12 Girls, 11-12 Boys, 13-14 Girls, 13-14 Boys, 15-18 Girls, 15-18 Boys.  Any questions regarding Zones or the application process need to be directed to the SC Age Group Chair at [email protected]

A general reminder for the Zone Selection process - You MUST have achieved at least one AAA Time Standard in the age group in which you will compete to be under consideration for the team.  

Swimmers who are selected must have two AAA times.  The outline for the selection process is located in the LSC P & P which was updated in October, 2020 by vote of the House of Delegates and will be available on the website.  

If your swimmer is selected to be part of the 2021 SC Zone Team and fails to appear - a $1000 fine ($500 swimmer contribution + $500 LSC contribution) will be levied against the swimmer and the swimmer will lose eligibility to apply for the next season's zone team.  Any fine not paid will consider the swimmer in poor standing with SC & USA Swimming.





    11-12 Girls  
    11-12 Boys  
    13-14 Girls  
    13-14 Boys  
    15-18 Girls  
    15-18 Boys