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The 14th Annual Chattanooga Rat Race is being held Sunday, June 6 at Chester Frost Park. COVID protocols will be in place.

If you have already signed up, thank you! If you have not, all the details can be found at And if you are ready to sign up, you can register by clicking here: Rat Race Registration  The entry deadline is Tuesday, May 25.



From USA Swimming, INC

SUBJECT: Open Water Meet Application

This memo will provide you with a general overview of the new USA Swimming Open Water Meet Application in addition to the Sanctioning Process. In an effort to streamline the process of sanctioning an Open Water Race, and maintain the quality and safety of events, USA swimming is providing a new online meet application process for all LSCs. The Open Water Meet Application has been updated and is now online and ready to use.

For safety reasons, all USA swimming Open Water Sanctions/Approvals must be approved by the LSC and/or USA Swimming in order for Sanction to be granted. Once a host has completed the Application a copy will automatically be sent to the meet director, the LSC Sanction Chair and USA Swimming.   

Important: The requirement that all OW meet applications be submitted to a zone approver prior to sanction has been eliminated.

Link to Open Water Meet Application:

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Meet Director completes online Sanction Application for their specific LSC and the Open Water Meet Application
  2. Meet Director submits online Open Water Meet Application. A copy will automatically be sent to the Meet director, LSC Sanction Chair and USA Swimming.
  3. The LSC and USA Swimming review the application and make suggestions as needed
  4. Once changes are made and/or if the application complies with requirements, it will be signed by LSC and/or USA Swimming
  5. The Sanction Chair signs off and issues valid sanction number





Open Water Development Coordinator


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o: 719.866.3534

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