Southeastern Swimming Coaches

Southeastern Swimming has more than 500 registered coaches. The following is a list of information for coaches to make their experience in USA Swimming/ Southeastern Swimming a more productive one. 


Becoming a USA Swim Coach -- USA web page

Prior to registering for the first year of coaching, a coach must have current acceptable safety certifications in the following courses: CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches.

Acceptable Courses for CPR and In-water Coachs Safety. 

How to complete your Safety Training for Swim Coaches requirement -. A coach is now able to take the Safety Training for Swim Coaches written test online and then proceed to a Red Cross certified instructor to demonstrate the required water skills. There are two options to this procedure: the Fast Track Option and the Written Test Only Option.

Since 2007, all coaches are required to successfully complete a Background Screening and an Athlete Protection Program through the USA Swimming background screen provider.  It is the coach's responsibility to renew their Background Screening every two years.

Before the coach register, he or she must successfully complete the Foundations of Coaching test. This test includes basic swimming coaching knowledge as well as the rules and regulations of USA Swimming. In order to take the test, the coach must create an account on the USA Swimming website and login. If you are not logged in you will not be able to access the test. Login on the upper right-hand corner of any page.


Coaches who are unable to find an ARC instructor to conduct the skills session can now contact a certified lifeguard instructor from another agency and present the STSC In-Water Skills Checklist to that instructor. The instructor must be certified by one of the agencies listed on the checklist. - for more information and how to find local instructors go here

Concussion Training Laws - click here for an updated list of concussion training requirements by state. Submit your proof of training to your LSC registrar to show on your deck pass. Need to take a concussion training course? Here are the links to popular courses - CDC Course, NFHS Course.



USADA Coaching Advantage Tutorial
Starting September 1, all coach members will be required to complete an annual USADA Coaching Advantage Tutorial (CAT) course by January 1, 2020. This 20-minute video course (presented in four modules) was added following discussions with the Age Group Anti-Doping Task Force and will be available on the LEARN platform, covering WADA code, checking medications, the testing process and a coach’s role in the clean sport movement. The latter is an incredibly significant element of the training that is crucial at all age levels. Renewal date for this course will be one year from completion date. Please direct questions about the USADA Coaching Advantage Tutorial to [email protected] .

Coaching Athletes - Go to USA Swimming


Important Information for Coaches


USA Swimming Coaches Safety Training Narrative

 Racing Starts 

Racing Starts Certification 


Waiver Form for Coaches with Disabilities

SES Coach Education Reimbursement Program
In 2017, Southeastern Swimming will once again provide up to $4,000.00 for SES Coaches to seek continuing education.  Through a grant application, USA Swimming will offer matching funds meaning that SES will now have even more opportunities for coaches and clubs to take advantage of this program.  At least sixteen spots are currently available for funding (NOTE:  Funds from SES cannot exceed $500.00 per participant or club).  
To apply, please send a general e-mail with the name of the coach, name of the club, and a brief description of the educational opportunity to Brian Haddad at [email protected] .  Applications are currently being accepted.  Please note that teams are limited to one applicant per year and a coach may only receive funding from this program once every four years

Registration forms can be found under the documents tab


American Swim Coaches Association

The American Swim coaches Association is an organization that provides education for the professional swim coach and certifies them based on a variety of criteria.

Website: American Swim Coaches Association 

SES Coaches that are members as of June 1, 2016

Level 5 Coaches - the TOP level in ASCA - Provided by ASCA on June 1, 2016

Corcoran Stanley Chattanooga TN 5
Davis Ben Memphis TN 5
Hough Larry Knoxville TN 5
Morse John Brentwood TN 5
Wharam Doug Nashville TN 5
Woods John Chattanooga TN 5
Gambril Don Northport AL 5
Hawke Brett Auburn AL 5
Pursley Dennis Tuscaloosa AL 5

ASCA Vision:

Professional swimming coaches are the leaders in creating the best sport in the world.

ASCA Mission:

The American Swimming Coaches Association provides leadership to American and World swimming at all levels.

ASCA develops and supports professional coaches and quality career opportunities in collaboration with its partners in the world aquatics community. We are an independent professional association based on a central theme of: “Leadership, Education, Certification.” We are dedicated to creating and enhancing solutions that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession, American swimming and W, rld Swimming.

ASCA plays a leadership role in evaluating past efforts, present concerns and future planning; and in proposing solutions in both the coaching and swimming communities. The leadership function is provided by synthesizing ideas and information from throughout the swimming community into a coherent direction for action.

The education function is designed to provide coaches with the tools necessary to build better swimmers and better people, with the most relevant of coaching information delivered by the most effective means such as clinics (including the World Clinic and Gold Medal Clinic), publications, home study schools and online.

Certification provides the framework for measurement of each coach’s education, experience and achievement in coaching fast swimmers. As such, it provides a professional structure to our coaching lives.

ASCA cooperates and collaborates with aquatic institutions and sport organizations to build the American Swimming Team, and move the sport of swimming forward in the world.

ASCA provides effective solutions to problems, and quality educational products and services to support this mission. ASCA creates future leaders in American and World swimming. ASCA members are valued in their communities; and are active in local, regional, national and international swimming organizations. We create and modify ideas, then champion those ideas that are most important for the future development of American Swimming and coaching, from the finest learn-to-swim program in the world (SwimAmerica) to elite swimming.