South Texas Swimming Policies & Procedures


Click here for the STSI Investment Policy Manual. Last update: 10/2019

Click here for the STSI Policies & Procedures Manual. Last update: 9/16/2022

Changes (9/16/22)

  • Updated Appendix E - nominating guidelines
  • Updated membership USA Swimming membership fees

Changes (9/01/22)

  • Updated Appendix E - nominating guidelines

Changes (8/30/22)

  • Added Appendix E - nominating guidelines

Changes (8/23/22)

  • Added Appendix B Social Media Policy and Guidelines
  • Moved former Appendix B to C and Appendix C to D
  • Renumbered Table of Contents

Changes (7/12/22)

  • II.F- Remove language from HoD Oct 2021 Prop #7

Changes (6/20/22)

  • V.A.1.-Clarification of bid meet timeline

Changes (4/13/22)

  • XII.J-Added host discretion on Time Trial events

Changes (3/28/22)

  • Update Mission Statement
  • Add V1.A.1 Teams must be SAfe Sport recognized to obtain sanction
  • Add X.4.d.i Milliarty transfer eligiblity
  • Edit X.B.1 from reimbursement to assistance
  • Add IV.J annual Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Update Table of Content page numbers 

Changes (11/17/21)

  • Job description for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion position added to Board of Directors section. 

Changes (11/15/21)

  • Elimination of an outdated policy regarding splash fees.
  • Renaming the "USAS Convention" to the "USA Swimming Annual Business Meeting."
  • Updates to the ST Champs meets per Championship Meet Committee.

Changes (10/20/21)

  • Correction of a typographical error related to national athlete reimbursement.

Changes (10/15/21)

  • Updates related to the 2021 HOD legislation.

Changes (7/16/21)

  • The fee for allowing an unregistered or ineligible athlete to compete in a sanctioned or approved meet has increased to $100 per swim.
  • Effective 9/1/21, there are no transfer fees for out-of-LSC transfers for any membership type.

Changes (1/17/2021)

  • Results for ineligible swimmers allowed to compete in Sanctioned or Approved meets cannot be loaded to SWIMS after the issue causing the ineligibility is resolved (Section VI).
  • Financial reimbursement will be based on a flat rate equal to the published federal GSA per diem for athletes attending national levels meets (Section X.B.f).
  • Financial reimbursement will be based on half of the flat rate GSA per diem for athletes attending national level meets held in Texas (Section X.B.g).

Changes (3/24/2020)

  • Update to correct a typographical related to coach reimbursements for national meets (Section X). 

Changes (1/16/2020)

  • Update to the fine imposed on a meet host when a previously cleared Flex athlete becomes ineligible prior to the meet start date. 

Changes (12/12/19)

  • Major revision in conjunction with the new STSI Bylaws. 

Changes (12/29/16)

  • Outreach athletes eligible for reimbursement for up to five events, twice a year, at championship meets.
  • Long course financial assistance filing deadline is now September 15.

Changes (11/10/16)

  • Changes made in accordance with the 2016 House of Delegates meeting.
  • Eliminated the renewing club fee from December 2 to 31.
  • Updated fee schedule.
  • Updates to STAGS and Junior STAGS meet formats.
  • Added requirement for a meet financial summary for sanctioned meets.
  • Eliminated the requirement for an athlete to compete in a South Texas Swimming sanctioned or approved meet prior to seeking national meet financial assistance.
  • Removed Zones and Open Water Zones from the two meets per calendar year financial assistance support.
  • Changed the meet reimbursement for national meets held in Texas to up to $125 per day.
  • Changed the number of events reimbursed for outreach athletes to six per quarter.
  • Reimbursement requests for USAS Convention, camps, Zones, and other applicable meets are now due within 60 days of the last day of travel.
  • Eliminated the SWIMS upload fee.
  • Updated time standards for USAS 2017-2020.
  • Eliminated the out-of-LSC transfer fee when the transfer athlete is renewing his or her USA Swimming membership.

Changes (10/4/16)

  • Updated USA Swimming registration fee amounts for 2017 (page 4).
  • Removed Family Membership option (no longer offered) (page 4).
  • Send final meet information and entry file to Sanctions Chair for posting (page 9).
  • Clarification that invitational meets are not closed meets (page 8).
  • Added USA Swimming Deck Pass app as an acceptable proof of USA Swimming membership for athletes, coaches, and officials (changes throughout).
  • USA Swimming membership cards are no longer mailed to members and can be printed from the Deck Pass app (if desired) (changes throughout).

Changes (3/10/16):

  • Clarification about eligible travel expenses allowed under the financial assistance program for athletes, coaches, and officials (page 23).
  • Expenses that require receipts (page 24).

Changes (2/9/16):

  • Clarification to sanction fee structure based on when received by Sanction Chair (page 3).
  • Addition of fine for no-show at a championship meet (page 5).
  • Clarification of bid meet conflict days (page 8).
  • Added the 2016 flat rate per athlete ($350) for the Open Water Festival (page 22).
  • Addition of registration documents to Document Retention Policy (page 50).

Changes (1/4/16):

  • Corrections to TOC page numbering.

Changes (12/15/15):

  • Changes made in accordance with the 2015 House of Delegates meeting.
  • Payment due dates clarified as the due date or the next business day if the due date falls on a weekend or banking holiday (page 5) per BoD 11/10/15.
  • Financial assistance set to $125 per day for eligible meets held within the LSC (page 23) per BoD 12/8/15.
  • Process update for sending meet results to Regional SWIMS User, and meet referee's report to RSU and Officials Chair.
  • Updated STSI mailing address.

Changes (9/1/15):

  • Updated annual fee information for 2016 USA Swimming memberships (page 5).
  • Added late fee information for failure to pay monthly statement account balances (page 6).
  • Added electronic processing procedures for insufficient funds and waivers (page 7).
  • Updates throughout changing payment by check to payment by electronic invoicing for clubs.
  • Global updates regarding sending meet recons and meet results to the Regional SWIMS User instead of to the Executive Secretary.
  • Updated Appendix L (Team Registration and Management) for processing registrations and payments electronically.

Changes (4/14/15):

  • The locations for the House of Delegates meetings for the next four years have been updated: Austin (2015), South Padre Island (2016), San Antonio (2017), and Corpus Christi (2018).

Changes (2/16/15):

  • Clarification about coach travel reimbursements: Relay-only swimmers are not included in the total athlete count when determining the number of coaches eligible for financial assistance (page 37)
  • Correction to the methodology used to compute per-diem reimbursements for meet travel (pages 35, 39, 42)
  • Update to the methodology used to compute coach reimbursements for meet travel, based on the number of athletes from the coach's team in attendance (page 38)
  • Clarification that meets occurring in conflict with a South Texas Swimming bid meet must have different time standards and must be sanctioned as a proof-of-time meet (page 7)