WV LSC Mission Statement:

The West Virginia LSC is committed to the excellence and improvement of our sport by striving to inspire and enable our swimmers to advance and achieve all they can in the sport of swimming and life.  Supporting and developing our athletes is foremost; by creating a positive environment through meets and other opportunities such as clinics, programs and organized leadership roles.  We strive for the advancement of support members of the West Virginia LSC through education, clinics and programs for their enrichment and the improvement of the aspects directly affected by their positions within the LSC.  We provide support and guidance to our member club teams so they may in turn: Enhance each swimmers aquatic abilities so they may have competitive success on a state, regional and national level; Emphasize the physical, psychological and social development of each individual; To promote the sport of swimming in their area.

WV LSC Vision Statement:

To enable members of West Virginia Swimming to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life.


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