Information from USA Swimming on Becoming a Coach


requirements to become a certified USA Swimming coach [as of 01/09/2015]


steps to become a USA Swimming certified coach [as of 02/05/2015]


Safety Training for Swim Coaches skills check-list [as of 02/05/2015]



Webinars and presentations are a way for coaches, athletes & team leaders to supplement existing education opportunities and hear from a range of speakers throughout the year. The Regional Coach Clinic program brings affordable clinics directly to teams in their own LSCs. Club Leadership & Business Management School is for coaches and team leaders to learn how to be effective in leading and governing their teams.


USA Swimming Learn Website

USA Swimming LEARN is the online education hub for all members of USA Swimming!  LEARN stands for Leadership Education And Resource Network.  


USA Swimming LEARN provides  multi-dimensional educational and resource opportunities for athletes, coaches, parents, and officials at all levels of swimming.  The goal of LEARN is to provide a consistent and quality learning experience across multiple disciplines for all USA Swimming members in order to develop new skills and enhance their experience inside and out of the pool.


USA Swimming Information on Club Managment and Business

Whether your club is owned and managed by the coach, an institution such as a school or YMCA, or a parent-run board, we have information here to help it run smoothly. Marketing and fundraising, risk management and insurance, selecting staff, and recruiting and retaining volunteers are all essential components of running a successful club.