Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of Sunnybrook?

Yes, your family needs to belong to the swim club to be a part of the swim or dive team.


What is the difference between the Mini Mako Team and Swim Lessons


Mini-Mako Team

The "Mini-Makos" are a group that typically consists of 5-7 year olds who are not quite ready for the swim team. They may be able to swim for brief periods but cannot yet complete a lap without stopping. Over the course of the summer, some Mini-Makos are "promoted" due to their progress and are able to join the Swim Team practices. This decision is made by the coaching staff. Mini-Makos swimmers may be eligible to participate in B meets. This is not a requirement but simply a way to have our youngest members experience the excitement of the swim meet atmosphere. The Mini-Makos is not a learn-to-swim program.


Learn To Swim Program 

Swimming lessons also are provided by Sunnybrook but are not associated with the swim team. These lessons are typically taught by college age students. These groups are designed as "learn to swim" groups and include children who have had little/no prior swimming instruction.


Who do I contact, if I have questions regarding registration?

You can contact the Sunnybrook Board at [email protected]


When is practice?

Practices are held 5 days a week, starting the day after Memorial Day. Swimmers are expected to be at practice everyday, but we realize that conflicts may arise. Please talk to the coach. For a complete practice schedule, use the practice tab above.


What is "starts and turns" on Thursday evenings?

Swimmers can practice starts and turns for one hour every Thursday starting June 20th under the directions of the coaches.  It is an optional practice for all MAKOS wanting extra practice on starts and turns.


What does my child need to participate?

Swimmers will need a competitive suit, googles, and a swim cap. The team suit is encouraged but not mandatory. Danzeisen and Quigley has the team suit discounted and usually it is in stock. All swimmers will receive a team shirt on picture day.


How long is the swim season?

The first dual meet is on Saturday June 23rd and the last dual meet is on Saturday July 21st. There are also three to four Wednesday evening meets, starting June 27 and ending July 25th. At the conclusion of the dual meet season, there are two championship meets for qualifying swimmers, July 28th and August 4/5th.


What is the difference between Saturday meets (A meets) and Wednesday meets (B meets)?

B meets are for swimmers 14 and under who have not yet qualified for Tri-County in a particular event. Swimmers choose up to 2 individual events and 2 relays and the coaches will do their best to honor all requests. A meets are for all swimmers, but the line up is decided by the coach. Only three swimmers (3 boys and 3 girls) will swim in each age group per event. The coach will announce the line-up during practice the day before the meet. 


What can I do to help?

Fantastic! It takes about 30 volunteers to run every swim meet and even more to help out in the background. We are always looking for more volunteers. During a B meet you will be asked to sign up for a "job," if your child is swimming. We need every parent to volunteer for a "job" at each B meet. If your child is swimming in an A meet, a "job" will be assigned. You will be receiving an email with a list of assigned jobs about a week before each A meet. Please check the email and if you cannot perform your job, let us know right away! We can always assign you a different job or pick a different meet. Here is a short list of some of the "jobs."


stroke and turn judge - must attend a short clinic

place judge


clerk of course - help organize the kids during the meet, hand out cards

scoring the meet

runner - you actually run the results from the official to the scoring table





I need to speak with the coach, what is the best way to talk to her?

Please don't try and talk to the coach during practice. She is very busy with the kids swimming in the pool and it is difficult for her to answer your questions and focus on the swimmers at the same time. You can find the coach's email address on the website, it is really the best way to contact the coach.


How are points and ribbons earned at a meet?

All swimmers receive ribbons at B meets. B meets are not scored as dual meets. In an A meet individual ribbons are given for 1st through 4th place and 1st place ribbons are given in relays. Team points are earned as follows...


Individual Points Relay Points
1st place: 5 points 1st place: 7 points
2nd place: 3 points 2nd place: 0 points
3rd place: 1 point