TOMBALL ISD Junior High School Aquatics Program
Creekside Park, Tomball, & Willow Wood

What is this program about? This is a pre-competitive/ competitive opportunity for Tomball ISD Junior High

School students. This is not a learn to swim program. Students unable to swim the length of the pool or meet minimum swimming standards, due to safety concerns, will not be allowed to participate. Brian Vestal, Head Swim Coach at Tomball High School, will work with the students participating in this program. This program does not take place of the PE credit needed for each student. If a student is involved in campus based sports, those programs will take priority because the student is earning academic credit based on participation. Tomball ISD does not provide transportation to swim meets or practices. Parents will be responsible for transportation.

What is the goal of this program? The purpose of this program is to introduce swimmers to competitive programs offered at the high school level. This program is free of charge; however, parents will be responsible for personal equipment used such as goggles, swim caps, towels, and a team swim suit. Tomball ISD does not provide these items. To participate a swimmer must have a team suit, team cap, and team t-shirt

How do I register participation? All families must use our online registration process. Included in that process is an online account used to share information, confirm participation in meets, and track progress throughout the season. An additional hard copy waiver is needed as well. --- See the back of this form and return to Coach Vestal once you have completed your online registration by mail or drop off at Tomball High School. (Mailing address: Brian Vestal Tomball High School 30330 Quinn Road Tomball Texas 77375.

Where will practices be held? All practices will be held at the Tomball ISD Aquatic Center located at 13850 Zion Road Tomball Texas 77375. Practices will typically be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday unless we have a swim meet. Special holiday practices will be offered and communicated later.

  • ●  Open to all 7thand 8th-grade students enrolled in Tomball ISD.

  • ●  Before participation can begin, parents must complete our online registration and waiver process at the

    beginning of the season. By participating in this program, parents are agreeing to provide transportation and accept all liability. Parents will also need to return the hard copy of the waiver form included on the back of this flier. Waivers can be returned to Coach Vestal by mail or dropped off at Tomball High School. (Mailing address: Brian Vestal Tomball High School 30330 Quinn Road Tomball Texas 77375.

  • ●  This program is a free service provided without a required participation fee. Dates and times are subject to the pool and staff availability which are subject to change. Students unable to swim, for safety reasons, may be asked not to participate at the discretion of the head coach.

    Online Registration information at

  • This link is for Creekside Park, Tomball, and Willow Wood Junior High Students.

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Frequently asked Questions

  1. What does it cost to participate? The cost of participation is free; however, families can expect these personal expenses: a swim cap $5.00, a team suit $40 -$60.00, and goggles $20.00. T-Shirt $25.00

  2. What if I miss a practice? We understand kids have other activities as well. We encourage kids to make as many practices as possible. A minimum of one practice each week is required for participation. We will have longer warm-up on meet days, which will count as practice.

  3. What if I am late to practice? If you are late to practice, just find your coach and slide in as soon as possible.

  4. What if I swim club is practice still required to participate? Yes, each swimmer must make one practice each week, due to safety concerns. Additionally. it gives the coaches an opportunity to know the swimmers. If

    you do not attend practice frequently, it will be difficult to get to know each other.

  5. What if I don’t have my team suit? Team suits are required. At the discretion of the head coach, a warning or consequence may be given.

  6. Do I need a team swim cap? Only a team swim cap can be worn during warm-up and during a swim meet. It is required for both girls and boys. No USA club swimming caps before or during meets.

  7. May I wear a tech suit to swim meets? We do not allow kids to wear tech suits to swim meets. At the meets we want the kids to represent the school and therefore want them in their team suit.

  8. Who can I contact with question or concerns? Please contact Brian Vestal, program administrator/coach, with questions or concerns. He may be reached at 832-967-7833 or by email at


Day 1 will be swim practice will be Monday, November 4th, 2019. Our last day will be Monday, February 3rd,2020