TSM Swim Team Membership Information and Policies:


Team Mailing Address:

Team Santa Monica

1507 7th Street #588

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Tax information for Donations: Team Santa Monica is a registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation with the IRS. All Donations made to TSM qualify as a charitable deduction. Donations do not include Program Fees, Patron Fees, and other payments for meets and merchandise, but due include payments made to the Swim-a-Thon, and contributions made to events.


Corporation Name: “Swimming Patrons of Santa Monica”

Federal Identification Number: 95-2415779

Contract Information:  Questions about billing and fees contact David Newberg/Treasurer ([email protected] ).


Enrollment: A prospective team member will arrange to swim for one of our coaches during a team workout. The coach will then assign the swimmer to one of our groups according to age and ability. Registration needs to be completed within seven days from the first day in the water. Coaches and Parent volunteers are available to assist in registration at the pool.


New USA Swimmers: Swimmers who have never participated on a USA Swimming registered team or have never registered with USA Swimming will be required to show a birth certificate or passport as proof of age in order to register. All swimmers joining Team Santa Monica must be registered with Southern California Swimming, which is the local swimming committee of USA Swimming. USA Swimming provides insurance coverage for TSM swimmers and coaches and membership is also mandatory in order to compete in a swim meet.

Please print out from the reference link below the “Athletic Application” form and fill out as directed. Once you have completed the form and signed it, bring the completed form along with a check, payable to Southern California Swimming, and proof of age to a TSM Coach. Once the TSM Coach verifies the age, they will take the form and check and send it on to Southern California Swimming offices. In a few weeks you will receive in the mail a package with your swimmers USA Swimming card.

Reference Links:

USA Swimming – Website for USA Swimming

SoCal Swimming – Southern California Website

Athlete Application Form – USA 2021 Swimming Registration Form

Athlete Outreach Application Form – USA 2021 Outreach Swimming Registration Form

All swimmers joining Team Santa Monica must complete the online registration (Click Here) including, as stated above, the Southern California Swimming registration form (with a check made out directly to Southern California Swimming), and pay the TSM program fees prior to participation.


Program Fees: The following chart shows the annual program fees for each practice group and the amount of each monthly payment made over the nine months from September to May. There is no billing from June to August, and there is no proration of the monthly practices fees.

Practice Group 2020-2021 Annual Cost Monthly Bill Sept-May
Porpoise $2,574 $286
Seals $2,646 $294
Age Group 1 $2,763 $307
Age Group 2 $3,060 $340
Age Group 3 $3,375 $375
Senior Development $2,925 $325
Senior Prep $3,636 $404
Senior Performance $3,870 $430
National Prep $4,158 $462
National $4,392 $488


College swimmers who swam with TSM before are welcome to participate in workouts during the summer on approval of the coach. The cost for the college summer quarter (June – August) is a one- time fee of $600.


Program Fee Surcharge: Families and swimmers who join or rejoin the club after September of each year will still be billed in the same months (September – May), but there will be a one-time surcharge fee at the time of registration. The surcharge, when added to the monthly payments, makes the total paid equal to the actual number of months the member is with TSM.

Example: Swimmer joins in December as Age Group 3. They will make six monthly payments of $375 plus pay a surcharge of $281.25 for a total of $2,531.25. The total paid is equal to the nine months (December – August) they are a member which is equal to 9/12 of the annual fee for a AG3 ($3,375 x 9/12 = $2,531.25).

See billing surcharge schedule for more details by practice group.

2020-2021 TSM Billing Surcharge Schedule

If you Join In Porpoise Seals Age Group 1 Age Group 2 Age Group 3 Senior Dev Senior Prep Senior Performance National Prep National
September $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
October $73.50 $73.50 $76.75 $85.00 $93.75 $81.25 $101.00 $107.50 $115.50 $122.00
November $147.00 $147.00 $153.50 $170.00 $187.50 $162.50 $202.00 $215.00 $231.00 $244.00
December $220.50 $220.50 $230.25 $255.00 $281.25 $243.75 $303.00 $322.50 $346.50 $366.00
January $294.00 $294.00 $307.00 $340.00 $375.00 $325.00 $404.00 $430.00 $462.00 $488.00
February $367.50 $367.50 $383.75 $425.00 $468.75 $406.25 $505.00 $537.50 $577.50 $610.00
March $441.00 $441.00 $460.50 $510.00 $562.50 $487.50 $606.00 $645.00 $693.00 $732.00
April $514.50 $514.50 $537.25 $595.00 $656.25 $568.75 $707.00 $752.50 $808.50 $854.00
May $588.00 $588.00 $614.00 $680.00 $750.00 $650.00 $808.00 $860.00 $924.00 $976.00
June $661.50 $661.50 $690.75 $765.00 $843.75 $731.25 $909.00 $967.50 $1,039.50 $1,098.00
July $441.00 $441.00 $460.50 $510.00 $562.50 $487.50 $606.00 $645.00 $693.00 $732.00
August $220.50 $220.50 $230.25 $255.00 $281.25 $243.75 $303.00 $322.50 $346.50 $366.00


Multi-Swimmer Discounts: For families that have more than one swimmer on the team, TSM offers the following discounts. The discount is applied on a monthly basis for each scheduled billing month.

2nd Swimmer Discount = 10% reduction of the monthly payments and any surcharge fee.

3rd and each additional Swimmer Discount = 20% reduction of the monthly payments and any surcharge fee.


Billing and Payment Dates: TSM relies on prompt payment from every member to pay our coaching staff, lane fees, and other operating costs. On the 1st (or the first Monday if the 1st falls on a weekend) of each calendar month a member’s account is processed for payment for all posted charges.

A notice of the amount that is owed is emailed (sent to member’s account log-in email) out to each member approx. 5-7 days prior to the billing date. Each member can log-in to their account go to “My Account” and then to “$My Invoice/Payment” and find the details of the current and any prior charges. It is the member’s responsibility to notify TSM if there are any questions or mischarged on the invoice prior to the payment processing date on the 1st.

If a member is paying by Credit Card then you will be charged the merchant fees (approx. 3%) for processing in addition to any other club billing. A member has the option to use the ACH/Bank Payment option to avoid paying any payment processing fees.

The following is a list that includes the major items your account will incur charges. From time to time there will be other charges/credits posted to your account:

  • Program Fees (Billed Monthly from September to May)
  • Surcharge Fee (On registration if joining after September)
  • Swim Meets (Individual Events, Meet Surcharge & Meet Processing Fee)
  • Annual Patron's Fee
  • Merchandise Purchases (Caps, T-Shirts, etc.)
  • Travel Meet Chargebacks
  • TSM Hosted Meet Support Fee
  • USA Registration
  • Scholarship Credit
  • Late Fees

Annual Patron Fees:   Each year, each family shall pay a $300 Annual Patrons Fee for the Patron’s Fund. This fee is assessed on the September 1st billing date and covers the swim season (September 1st – August 31st). Families joining at other times pay this fee at the time of joining. Below is the payment schedule.

The annual patron fee helps to cover the cost of website licensing, administration costs, and other registration and member account set-up costs.


Period Joining Patron Fee
September 1st - February 28th $300
March 1st - 31st $225
April 1st - 30th $205
May 1st - 31st $150
June 1st - 30th $115
July 1st - 31st $75
August 1st - 31st $0


USA Registration: Registration and annual renewal of Membership to Southern California Swimming (SCS) is also required for every swimmer. All active swimmers on the roster as of September 15th will automatically have their USA Swimming membership renewed by TSM. Any swimmer joining after September 15th and does not have a current card or renewal will be charged when TSM submits the registration to SCS. The cost of the membership (currently $72 per swimmer) will be charged to the member’s account. For those who qualify for the Outreach Program the cost is $7 per swimmer - Please provide support when turning in the application.


Swimmer's Practice Caps:

Starting in the 2019-2020 Swim Season the Coaches now require a uniform RED TSM cap to be worn at all practice sessions. Each swimmer will be charged $15 at the start of each new swim season, or when they join the club. The coaches will hand out the new RED practice caps at the start of the new swim season or upon joining the club.




No Personal Checks: Effective March 1st 2017, TSM will no longer be accepting personal checks, cash, or money orders for payment for the monthly billing. Acceptable methods of payment will be bank withdrawals (ACH), debit cards, and or credit cards. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure the method in which the dues are paid is a valid one so that the payment can be processed by Team Unify successfully. For example, when you are invoiced on August 25, 2020, Team Unify will process the payment on September 1, 2020.


Declined Payments and Past Due Accounts:   If on the 1st of the month your payment is not processed (card declined) an email will be generated and sent to your login email address on the same day to inform you of the decline. Follow-up reminder emails will be sent out to alert member’s to update their payment information prior to the 10th, but the member is always reasonable for any payment due and notify TSM when the information has been updated to process the payment.

If the full payment is not made by the swimmer's account by the 10th of the month, a $25 late fee will be added to the account and your swimmer is suspended from practice and meets until the account is current. In addition to the late fee, any and all fees charged to TSM for declined ACH, credit card and Team Unify individual batch transactions will be charged to the member’s account. Should your account bill remain unpaid at the end of the month TSM will terminate your membership and use all legal remedies to collect the amount due.


Credit Card Declined Fee: For each failed credit card transaction, a member’s account maybe assessed up to a $10.00 fee. To avoid this fee each member is responsible for keeping their payment information up to date, and in forming TSM if their credit card has been cancelled due to fraud or other reason and there is a new card in transit. This fee is to cover the fees charged by the credit card processing company for each failed credit card transaction. 


Membership Termination:  Fees are not discounted for swimmers not making the scheduled practices. A swimmer who chooses not to attend workouts for a portion of a month is not entitled to pro-rated fees. No refund/credits will be issued after the first day of the billing cycle. Should you wish to stop participating with TSM and terminate your membership, notice must be submitted in writing (email) a minimum of seven days prior to the beginning of a new billing month (i.e.: prior to November 24th for the December 1st billing date).


Leave of Absence: If you plan to take a break from the TSM program, a member must send a notice to TSM by the 24th of the month or the member will be charged for the following month. When a member plans to return they must first give notice of their intent of returning, and on coach’s approval the account will be re-activated. There is a $100 reinstatement fee charged on a member’s return. In addition, on a member’s return there will be a surcharge fee (see Program Fee Surcharge policy above). Exceptions to these additional charges are due to a medical reason or coach’s decision. For a medical exemption, the member must present a doctor’s note restricting activity for an extended time.


Swim Meets:   Members are responsible for committing to the meet prior to the registration deadline. On occasion, the deadline date is moved to an earlier date to insure TSM is accepted into the meet.  Please make sure attention is made to emails regarding meet deadlines.  Members are responsible for the following swim meet fees:  meet entry fee, SCS Surcharge, $15.00 per swimmer TSM surcharge to cover processing costs, relays, and coach’s expenses. For meets that include heats and finals and therefore require additional staffing, the TSM surcharge is $30.00.  

Once the registration is closed and TSM has sent the payment in for the meet, each member is reasonable for payment of those fees regardless if the swimmer is later unable to attend, all or part of the meet. If the reason for not attending the meet is a coach’s decision then the member will only cover the event fees and the processing fee will be credited back.


Travel Swim Meets and Training Trips: 

National Travel Swim Meets: These are pool and open water meets at the National level and includes, US Open, Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals, Olympic Trials, and any other meets designed by the Board as a National level meet. The swimmer will cover their own costs to/from and at the meet including entry fee, meals, lodging, transportation, supplies, and other related meet fees. TSM will cover the Coach’s costs and reasonable shared expenses (transportation, meals, and supplies). If there is any travel/meet funding by SoCal Swimming, USA Swimming, or other sources, the swimmer will receive the portion designated for the participant, and the club will keep any designated for a coach.

Non-National Meets: These are pool and open water meets that are outside the SoCal LCS and are non-National level and includes, CA-NV Sectionals, Future Championship, Zone Meets, and any other meets designed by the Board as a Non-National level meet. The swimmer will cover their own costs to/from and at the meet including entry fee, meals, lodging, transportation, supplies, and other related meet fees. In addition, the swimmers will pay a coach’s meet support fee charge of $100 per swimmer. TSM will cover the Coach’s costs and reasonable shared expenses (transportation, meals, and supplies), partially offset by the swimmer’s meet surcharge.

Local Swim Meets: These are pool and open water meets with in the SoCal Swimming (LCS area) for Junior Olympic and lower meet. The swimmer will cover their own costs to/from and at the meet including entry fee, meals, lodging, transportation, supplies, and other related meet fees. In addition, swimmers will pay a coach’s meet support fee charge of $30 per swimmer for meets with Prelims/Finals, and $15 per swimmer for any other meet format. The swimmer surcharge goes towards TSM coach’s costs and relay fees.

Travel Training Trips: Members who have swimmers that are invited or participate in travel training sessions (OTC, etc.) are responsible for their own costs (transportation, room and board, etc.) and for any TSM paid allocated group and coach’s cost on the trip. The allocated costs will be billed to the member’s account. The board may at its desecration based on the club’s financial position subsidize a portion of the allocated costs. Prior to each travel training trip each member will be given additional information and details of what they will pay direct and an estimated amount of allocated costs that is expected to be paid by TSM.

Non TSM Scheduled Meet: Members who have swimmers that are invited or participate in a non TSM Scheduled Meet or training sessions will be reasonable for their own costs and for any TSM paid allocated group and coach’s cost on the trip. The allocated costs will be billed to the member’s account.


TSM Hosted Meet Fee: TSM generally hosts one swim meet in the Fall and on occasion one in Spring. In lieu of asking each family for donations or food items to be sold at the snack bar and provide hospitality to officials, administrators and coaches as well as to cover other administrative costs, TSM charges a Hosted Meet Support Fee of $30 per swimmer for each meet hosted by TSM.


Attendance Policy: Developing swimmers to perform to the best of their ability is one of the goals at TSM.  In order to achieve this goal, the swimmer must attend the minimum number of practices for his/her group. Refunds/discounts are not granted for swimmers not attending practice as it is their responsibility to do so. 

Refund requests with a doctor’s note stating that the athlete is unable to participate for an extended period of time due to a medical condition, can be submitted to the board for special consideration.

College Swimmers Summer Quarterly Dues:  College swimmers who swam with TSM before are welcome to participate in workouts during the summer. However, college swimmers are expected to pay dues if she/he plans to participate in the workouts for more than two weeks. Auto pay signup for college swimmers who plan to compete at any meet is a must. It is the swimmer's responsibility to notify the Head Coach and Treasurer prior to the 1st workout.

Note: College swimmers do not have to pay the annual patrons fee or the reinstatement fee.


Scholarships:  TSM has a limited amount of scholarship funds available for qualified swimmers and are provided for families that may have temporary or on-going financial needs. The amount of the TSM Scholarship is based on family income size and awarded by a subcommittee of the Board of Directors.  Swimmers awarded a scholarship are expected to be committed to their training by attending their coach’s required number of practices and meets. Parents of scholarship swimmers are expected to provide additional volunteer time to the club above the minimum requirements. Please read the scholarship guidelines for all of the requirements and expectations.


Scholarship Process:  The initial application period is prior to the start of each new swim season (due by August 15th) that starts September 1st of each year (September – August). In mid-August, the TSM Scholarship Committee reviews all applications received and selects the swimmers to be award a scholarship. For those swimmers awarded a scholarship TSM allocates the scholarship budget for the entire swim season starting September 1st. TSM does accept scholarship applications throughout the swim season, but they are put on a waiting list if approved. If any scholarship swimmer does not maintain their required participation at any quarter review, leaves, or waives their scholarship credit the TSM Scholarship Committee will then award the most deserving swimmer on the waiting list. To be on the waiting list after the swim season starts the swimmer must be a current member of TSM. If there is no waiting list and there are scholarship credits in the budget, the TSM Scholarship Committee will award it to the new swimmer if their application is approved.

Click Here for the Scholarship Application and Guidelines - Swim Team Swimmers

Click Here for the Scholarship Application and Guidelines - Pre-Team/Lesson Swimmers