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TWSTstart, or Gators as it is more commonly known, is the noncompetitive branch of The Woodlands Swim Team. Gators is a group that is perfect for all levels of athlete from High School swimmers to 6 year olds who can only swim freestyle and backstroke. The goal of Gators is to provide a fun place for athletes to learn to swim at any level, and prepare those swimmers to compete for TWST.

For all athletes, the first Monday of every session will be a trial day. The swimmers will do 25s of all 4 competition strokes, a 50 freestyle, and some swimmers will do the 100 IM and the 100 freestyle to help the coaches assess and place the athletes in the correct training groups.

Gators is broken into three groups based on the needs and abilities of the athlete:

Gator 1:
Gator 1 is a training focused group that will do more specific stroke based instruction in the framework of a TWST practice. This group�s goal is to prepare your athlete to make the jump to TWST, or to perform on their high school team.

Gator 2:
Gator 2 is a technique focused group for the swimmer that is ready to start training as well. This group will focus on refining all 4 strokes, as well as flip turns, and start to teach the basics of being in a swim practice to prepare the swimmer to move onto TWST, or into Gator 1.

Gator 3:
Gator 3 is a technique focused group for the swimmers that are new or have not been in the water for a while. Learning to legally do all 4 strokes will be the goal of Gator 3 and a coach will be in the water one day a week to help facilitate this goal.

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