The high school aquatic programs are coached by Norm Collins (Head Coach for Swimming and Water Polo), Charly Collins (diving), and Garrett Nelson (swimming). These programs are for 9-12th graders, both girls and boys, who attend Alamo Heights High School.  The high school programs consists of two separate UIL seasons.  Water polo begins August 1 and concludes at the end of October. The swimming & diving season is from October through mid-February. 

Swimmers and water polo players practice before school and during 1st and 5th periods. Divers practice 4th and 8th periods and after school.


Swimming and Water Polo- Norm Collins at [email protected]

Swimming- Garrett Nelson at [email protected]

Diving- Charly Collins at [email protected]

We use sportsYou to communicate.

sportsYou codes:

Alamo Heights Aquatics- Parents and athletes of all of the above sports- FU5Z-26RU

Water Polo- WP Athletes- C53H-C67Z

Swimming- Swimming Athletes- PUKU-XAPZ

Diving- Diving Athletes- BYBC-WQKE

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