Alamo Area Aquatics Association- North East

USA Swimming Registration

Lauren Nutt

AAAA's Link:

Steps to register:

1. Click on the link for Online Member Registration (OMR) for AAAA.

2. Every parent will need to create a new USA Swimming “Ping” account first. The old deck pass accounts are no longer valid.

3. Enter your email, username, password to create the new USA Swimming account.

4. You will receive a verification code via email from PingOne

5. Log into your account to proceed with registration. 

6. When prompted, section registration someone else (if you as the parent are not an official). If you are an official attached to AAAA or would like to become an official attached to AAAA then register yourself.

7. Proceed through the prompts to register the member

8. When prompted for your athlete select Premium Athlete. As an official you would select Official for your membership.

9. After you complete your athlete’s registration, you will see a button to register any additional family members (minor athletes). You should register all of your minor athletes under this one account. I have had feedback that people had trouble registering more than one athlete. You are able to register all of your family under one account.

10. Process the registration payments using a credit card.

**Note:  There will be an option to upload your Birth Certificate - please do so as this will speed up the registration process and complete your registration. You will not be permitted to swim any meets until you are FULLY registered with USA Swimming.

Please make sure you verify your athlete’s personal information and use their legal first, middle and last names. Also verify that your athlete’s birthday is correct.