Cypress Fairbanks Water Polo Club desire is to promote a positive atmosphere that encourages self- esteem, hard work, physical fitness, teamwork and respect for self and others which will maximize each athlete’s potential and to develop players of character from novice to the national level. As with any youth sport, coaches are given broad discretion to consistently guide athletes through practices and game situations through a range of emotions. The Board established the following Athlete Behavior Policy to ensure the orderly operation of CFWPC during times when an athlete’s behavior exceeds the norm. This Policy shall apply to each athlete’s conduct while a member of the CFWPC. This includes all times, not just behaviors associated with direct water polo activities. Members of CFWPC shall not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability (except where such disability affects an athlete’s ability to perform), national origin or sexual orientation. 


Discipline Management – In the event an athlete exhibits offensive behavior not meeting the criteria in this policy, consequences will be administered based upon the severity of the infraction. Offenses are categorized in two discrete levels.


More to follow