2022-23 USA Swimming Registration (SWIMS 3.0) - Swim Ohana
This is a 2-3 -step process for all parents, athletes and non-athlete members (Coach, Board, Officials)
  1. Create Account (Steps Below)
  2. Register for 2022-23
  *All Athletes Must Choose "Premium Athlete" Membership
  *All Non-Athlete Members Must Choose Coach, Board Member, or Official
  *If "Outreach Member" Swim Ohana Will Provide Unique Registration Link - See Outreach On Website
  3. If your swimmer has swam for another club previously anywhere in the USA, please email Coach Liz to ensure transfer to Swim Ohana from prior club completes before first swim. The 120 Day Rule will be in effect for all tranfers - a transfer athlete must spend 120 days from date of last competition for prior club as UNAT-SWIM. Once this period has passed, athlete is eligible to both score in meets and participate in relays.
  mailto:[email protected]
New Members 9/15/22
Existing Members 9/15/22
New Members 9/30/22 OR With 3 Days Of Swim Ohana Team Registration
Existing Members 9/30/22
CREATING AN ACCOUNT with New Member ID # IMPORTANT The following must be done timely and correctly to: 1. Athletes To Complete 2022-23 and/or 2. Results & Certifications To Carry Over
All Parents & Non-Athlete Members 1. Watch video
  2. Create Account
  3. Verify Account With Ping Email (number is NOT USA ID #)
  4. Login To New Account
  5. From Dashboard Complete 2022-23 Registration For Each New Member
  NOTE: For parents of athletes turning 18 years old, APT (Athlete Protection Training) MUST be completed BEFORE their 18th birthday. The athlete has to create their own ping account. When in the parent account and the athlete is listed under family, Click ‘view’ for the 17 year old athlete, on the right hand side in a navy blue tab is ‘create a login account’ they would click there. The athlete would create a separate login for themselves and that is the account they would complete the APT under. If they complete it under the parent account, it credits the parent with the APT not the athlete. The training for the athlete will be available from their dashboard. This is MANDATORY to attend practice or meets BEFORE athlete turns 18.
EXISTING MEMBERS (All who have had USA Swimming Membership registered prior to 9/1/22)
Non-Athlete Members (Coach, Board, Official) 1. Watch Video
  2. Create Account
  3. Verify Account With Ping Email (number is NOT USA ID #)
  4. After logged into to NEW account do 2022-23 NON-Athlete Registration
HELPS Creating An Account
  Registering For USA Swimming 2022-23 SWIMS 3.0