Gulf Swimming, one of 59 LSCs (Local Swimming Committees) in USA Swimming, provides several benefits to registered members of the Outreach Program in the Gulf:

  • Reduced annual USA Swimming registration fees
  • Reimbursement of the Gulf Swimming approved individual meet entry fees

These benefits are made possible for you through fees collected by Gulf Swimming. We are continually looking for additional ways to assist swimmers with their desire to swim. You can reach our Outreach Coordinator:

Loren Fischbach
1415 South Voss Road
Suite 110-355
Houston, Texas 77057
[email protected]

Please email Loren for the Outreach Application Form

Reimbursement Form

Outreach athlete reimbursements are due within 30 days of the season-ending. The short course season ends March 31st. Long course ends August 31st.

Outreach Reimbursement Policy


  1. Enrollment: Gulf Swimming will use a 3-step tier for enrollment in the splash fee reimbursement program as follows:
    1. Verified enrollment in the Federal Food Stamp Program, SNAP, or the Medicaid Medical Card. OR
    2. School Lunch enrollment card/letter accompanied by Pages 1&2 of their Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040, or 1040A or EZ (Social Security redacted) required for proof of income and family size. If married, filing separately, both spouses' returns must be submitted. OR
    3. All others: You must be a resident of the state of Texas and a parent or primary caregiver responsible for a child(ren) who attends school (high school or under). You must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the income guidelines per current Texas amounts for household size, as shown in d. below. Proof of income and family size will be by submitting Pages 1 & 2 of the FIT Return (Social Security Number(s) redacted). If married, filing separately, both spouses' returns must be submitted.
    4. General Program Requirements

      In order to qualify, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts for the 2022-2023 School Year

      Household Size Total Annual Income
      1 $17,667
      2 $23,803
      3 $29,939
      4 $36,075
      5 $42,211
      6 $48,347
      7 $54,483
      8 $60,619

      For each additional family member, add $6,136.

  2. The reimbursement will be for only one meet per month except for the Gulf Championship series, which will extend to two meets for that month to allow those swimmers who qualify for the higher-level LSC meet to compete.
  3. The reimbursement will be limited to Gulf Swimming Sanctioned meets at the Gulf Approved entry fee amount for the level of the meet, Open or Championship, for Gulf Sponsored meets.
    Team Invitational or Open meets not on the current Gulf assigned meet schedule will be reimbursed at the Gulf Approved entry fee amounts only if there is a Gulf Swimming Sanctioned meet during the same month.
  4. When there are no Gulf Sponsored meets in a month for which the Swimmer is qualified, either an Open, Senior, or Sprint meet, Gulf Swimming will reimburse the actual entry cost for a meet as follows. (Effective January 1, 2020)
    1. The actual fees charged, Entry fees and Surcharge, OR
    2. Up to a maximum of $7.75 per entry and a maximum of $3.50 surcharge
  6. Submission for reimbursements of entry fees must be made after the meet date. Reimbursements may only be requested for actual swims at a specific meet. The first time a fraudulent request is submitted, it will be denied, and a written explanation and warning will be issued informing the outreach member of the inaccurate statement being submitted to Gulf Swimming for reimbursement. If a family submits a second fraudulent outreach reimbursement request, they will be removed from the outreach program.