The Texas Senior Circuit Committee



David L. Johnson: Chairman, [email protected]

Derek Howorth: Secretary, coachhoworth@surgeaquatics

Chris MacCurdy: Treasurer, [email protected]

Ross Hedrick: Webmaster, [email protected]  


Top Five Scoring Teams Long Course Sectionals 2022:

Doug Gjertsen: Alamo Area Aquatics Association, [email protected]

Mike Laitala: Texas Longhorn Aquatics, [email protected]

Randy Teeters: Nitro Swim Club, [email protected]

Rick Boucher: Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club, [email protected]

Rick Bishop: Tiger Aquatics, [email protected]


Top Three Scoring Teams (not included above) from USA Swimming Club Excellence 2021:

Jason Walter: Lakeside Aquatic Club, [email protected]

Mike Macaulley: Magnolia Aquatic Club, [email protected]

Jarrod Murphy: The Woodlands Swim Team, [email protected]


Athlete Members:

Coco Bratanov: Gulf, [email protected]

Kaylee Coffey: South Texas, [email protected]

Ellie Fritscher: Louisiana, [email protected]

Cooper Lucas: North Texas, [email protected]


At-Large Committee Members:

Steve Bultman: Texas A&M/Aggie Swim Club, [email protected]          

Jay Holmes: Texas A&M/Aggie Swim Club, [email protected]


Sectional Meet Directors:

Henry Clark: Texas A&M University, [email protected]

Bridgette Rhoades: The University of Texas, [email protected]