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UANA Nominated Diving International Technical Officials (ITO) for 2015 PAG

Please refer to the attachment which includes the roster of individuals who have been nominated by the UANA Technical Diving Committee to serve as ITO's for the diving competition of the Pan American Games.
The competition schedule is found at the link on page 68-69, other information on page 7
Kathy Seaman, UANA Technical Diving Chair
Steve McFarland, UANA Executive Committee Liaison to the Technical Diving Committee


UANA Diving Officials List - 2015-04-10

UANA Diving Officials List - 2013-01-30


JUDGES for the UANA Pan American Junior Diving Championships
Matanzas, Cuba - October 8-11, 2015
BJ Shields  CAN 
Claire Marentette  CAN 
Marco Antonio Llanos  COL 
Laura Cardona  COL                
Diana Uran  COL                
José Antonio Martínez Ochoa  MEX                   
Alberto Molina Palomino MEX                
Cassandra Metzler USA                   
Steve Voellmecke  USA
Maria Elena Carmusa  CUB                      
Rafael Castaneda  CUB                        
Rolando Ruiz Pedroguera  CUB - Member UANA Technical Committee
Christina Rios  COL - Member UANA Technical Committee  
Cokey Huffman  USA - Member UANA Technical Committee  
Jim Stillson  USA - Member UANA Technical Committee              
Felix Calderon  PUR - Member UANA Technical Committee   
Ricardo Bañuelos  MEX
Heather Turner  CAN
Nancy Brawley  CAN - Member UANA Technical Committee