UANA Masters Technical Committee Report

2015 UANA Congress

Toronto, Canada

This report will reflect the activities of the UANA Masters Technical Committee over the last UANA Quad (2011-2015).  During this Quad the committee has been very active and has provided competition for over 6,500 master athletes in all disciplines in 3 championships, Rio de Janerio, Brazil (SA), Sarasota, Florida (USA), and Medellin, Colombia (SA).   This report will highlight chronologically the activities of the committee over this period

2015 – Medellin, Colombia (SA)

The Colombian Swimming Federation hosted the 2015 UANA Pan American Masters Championships.  Over 1300 Masters Athletes in all disciplines descended on the Atanasio Girardot Sports Center, in Medellin, Colombia June 17-27.  This outstanding facility provided a back drop for a wonderful competitions (Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Open Water).  The organization and warm hospitality gave the athletes an experience they will never for get. The championship concluded in Guatupe a wonderful small town north of Medellin with an Open Water Event.

The UANA Technical Committee met and confirmed the next UANA Pan American Masters Championships will be in 2018.  A letter will be sent to all federations who are interested in bidding for the 2018 championships.   The bid deadline to receive bids will be February 15, 2016.  The committee in their effort to promote the “UANA” brand, the committee will also accept bids, from all disciplines for Masters events in the America’s to further enhance Masters and add an element of International participation.  These events will be called “UANA America’s Masters Events”,  ie “UANA America’s Masters Diving Invitational”. Additionally the committee adopted an entry and information booklet template that will be used by all future event hosts.

Masters Technical Committee throughout the year was very active since our last championship in Sarasota in 2013. The committee adopted a new UANA Pan American Masters Championship contract, which eliminated the stay of the entire UANA Masters Technical Committee for the entire competition, thus giving the Host Federation additional revenue.  Additionally the new contract provides a $20 athlete surcharge creating revenue for UANA, and a $5 bonus to the Host Federation provided they fulfill the contract. The acronym “UANA” is now part of the official name of the event. All future championships will be referred to as “UANA Pan American Masters Championships”. This contract will be in place for the 2015 championships in Medellin, Colombia.  UANA Pan American Masters Championships have always been hosted on the odd years since 2005. In 2013 FINA made the change in the format of the FINA World Masters Championships,  this event would now be held on the odd numbered years in conjunction with FINA Elite World Championships. Since we were obligated to the Colombian Federation who was hosting our 2015 Championships, the committee made the effort to seek bids for a 2016 championships. The committee received no bids to host a championship in 2016, and therefore the voted our next UANA Pan American Masters Championships will be held in 2018. By moving to 2018 for our championship we no longer will be in conflict with the FINA World Masters Championships which always be held on the odd numbered years. The committee is now accepting bids to host the 2018 UANA Pan American Championships.

In our effort to make hosting the UANA Pan American Masters Championships easier, the committee developed an Entry Booklet template, which all future Meet Host can follow by just adding the pertinent information regarding their event. The next project for the committee will be to develop an online registration system that will be combatable and viable for all federations who wish to host a championship’s. By providing these services the committee feels we will attract more potential bidders.

2014 -                                                             

In November and December the UANA Masters Technical Committee hosted the first virtual or postal event for  all Masters Swimmers in UANA.  The idea was to create an event for all Masters swimmers promoting adult aquatic fitness through aquatics.  Swimmers were to swim either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, then submit their distance.  The entry fee was $10.  We sent out 3000+ emails to all of the participants in the last three UANA Pan American Masters Championships (Veracruz, Rio, Sarasota).  We had a 60% open of our emails, 20% is considered outstanding.  However, our participation was not as expected, but we learned a great deal and hopefully we will have greater participation this year. Exact Target a mass e mailer for several Fortune 500 companies, gave our committee 50,000 emails for free through their Exact Target Non Profit Foundation.  In addition FINIS sponsored the event with a $700 contribution to UANA Masters.  Each participant received a certificate of participation and a award certificate if they earned one.  The net revenue for this event was $870.

The UANA Masters Technical Committee continues to work on education, as we feel the more swimmers who become Masters swimmers will live healthier lifestyles.

2013 – Sarasota, Florida (US)

UANA Masters Technical Committee received one bid to host the 2015 UANA Pan American Masters Championships.  The bid received was from Medellin, Colombia.  The Colombia Federation will host all disciplines (Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Open Water). Motion was made to accept the bid from Colombia. MSA.  Chairman, Goldstein will contact the Colombian Federation and notify them and determine the dates of the Championships

Due to the change by FINA to move the FINA World Masters Championships to the odd numbered years, a motion was made to move the UANA Pan American Masters Championships to the even year sequence starting in 2016 going forward.  Trinidad/Tobago has shown some interest as well as Chile for 2016.  Motion was made to accept the even year sequence starting in 2016.  MSA.  It was the strong sentiment of the Committee to move toward Championships that would offer all 5 aquatic disciplines rather than a limited number of disciplines.

Ed Evelly, Chairman of the FINA Masters Technical Committee spoke to the committee on the proposed changes the FINA Masters Technical Committee plan to present to the Congress in Barcelona, taking the Meet Operations portion out of the FINA rules and putting them in the By Laws.

The Committee will contact each discipline to determine the costs for running their event to begin the process of developing a budget template. The contact for each discipline : Water Polo – Andy Burke, Diving – Ron Kontura, Synchronized Swimming – Dot Padget, Open Water – Jim Miller, and Swimming – Mel Goldstein

UANA Pan American Master Championship Agreement -The committee discussed the current agreement and made many revisions which will be beneficial to the Host. 

The UANA Masters Technical Committee in its effort to bring more awareness to aquatics in UANA, adopted a proposal presented by David Morrill.   The proposal was to have a UANA ½ Hour and 1 Hour Postal Swim November 1-30.  Registration and entries will be on line, the cost will be $10 for each event with the entire proceeds going to UANA.  This event will be open to all swimmers in all UANA Federations. .

2012 –

Preparations for the 2013 UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Sarasota, Florida, USA was on schedule.  A June 1, 2012 launch of the event website was planned.

It has been the desire of the UANA Masters Technical Committee to also provide a UANA Pan American Masters Championships for Water Polo and Diving.  The committee through its Chairman has been working with the US Water Polo and US Diving governing bodies to work out the logistics for the inclusion of these two disciplines in our 2013 event. 

The UANA Masters Technical Committee has proposed an Athlete Representative be appointed to the UANA Masters Technical Committee.  By unanimous vote David Morrill’s name for this nomination was put forth to the UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho and to UANA Secretary/Treasurer Fernando Canales. 

2011 – Rio de Janerio, Brazil (SA)

The UANA Masters Technical Committee developed a bid process and site selection for future competitions.  The contract developed in Veracruz, Mexico was reviewed and adopted with the changes shown below..  The championship has grown from 165 swimmers in the first championship in the Dominican Republic to Brazil where 2500 athletes competed.  All disciplines contested (Open Water, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo.

Major items in reviewed in host contract:

16.0            WARM-UP FACILITY: A warm up facility shall be available 2 days prior in the competition pool beginning before the start of competition, for synchronized swimming practice time with music, will be allocated to each team, and solo swimmers, and (2) during the entire meet, beginning at least one hour prior to competition each day, and continuing throughout the day.  MSA Adding an additional day to the agreement, therefore must be approved by the new UANA Masters Technical Committee

27.0Computerization: Host shall be required to use Hy-Tek Sports software or an acceptable software program for meet seeding, results, and associated lists and labels.  The host shall be responsible for the equipment, personnel, and supplies required. If Hy-Tek is not used the event host must present their proposed format or software to the UANA Masters Technical Committee for approval for each discipline.  MSA

31.2Meals or a Per-diem will be provided to the UANA Masters Technical Committee through out the duration of the event.  The Per-diem shall not exceed $50 per day. MSA (This is a new item added to the agreement therefore must be approved by the new UANA Technical Committee for the next quadrennial).

31.5 Hotel Rooms / Transportation :UANA Masters Technical Committee Chairman, shall be provided a hotel room (Single Occupancy).  This expense will be for a four star hotel (* * * *) accommodations.  Local transportation ill be provided for duration of the event. MSA

32.0Hotel / Transportation  UANA Masters Technical Committee: This expense will be for a four star hotel (* * * *) accommodations.  Local transportation will be provided for duration of the event. MSA

40.0Insurance: Provide basic insurance for all participating athletes, officials, and volunteers. MSA


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