Orlando, Florida


Wednesday, August 1, 2018


•  Welcome

Chairmen Mel Goldstein welcomed all present and asked to change the agenda order to recognize the 2020 UANA Pan American Masters OC:  


Mel introduced Javier Gomez (Event Director, 2020 UANA Pan American Masters Championships Medellin) and Vanessa (representative from the Medellin City Bureau). 

Javier Gomez gave a brief overview of the progress of the organization, the championships will be June 17 - 27th, 2020.  The OC in Medellin is pleased with the progress, they have invested time and effort in PR of the event and expectations are that it will be the largest UANA PAN AMERICAN MASTERS Championships to date.


The aquatic center in Medellin, as well as the hotels surrounding the complex can hold these numbers and running an efficient championship with five disciplines in 10 days.  Committee members were able to ask the host various questions about the event.  The venues will all be the same and the OW venue will be the same.  The committee remembered how pleased they were in 2013 when Medellin hosted the UANA Pan American Championships and discussed that the event will be much larger, and will they be able to handle the number of participants.  


•  Committee Introductions (Committee Members) of the members present:


Maureen Croes (Aruba), technical advisor to the executive, CCCAN honorary secretary. Goal as a TC member to increase masters swimming in Aruba as well as the Caribbean and Central America.


Veronica Stanham (Uruguay) has been President of Swimming Federation since 2014.  Uruguay has about 600 swimmers, in their NF and they host approximately 12 meets a year.


Edith Clashing  (Antigua & Barbuda) has been a technical director since 2012 and works with a swim club.  They are working on teaching adults to swim; they have not formalized a program yet. They are also trying to engage the past mature swimmers and get them involved in Masters.  Masters in Antigua is mostly in open water.


Dot Padgett (Canada) was the chairman Synchro Canada until last year.  She is a retired FINA judge, which was the core of her traveling.


Jim Miller (USA) is past president USMS.  He has served on UANA Masters TC since it has started and is also member UANA Medical commission and FINA Sports Medicine.


Richardo Dimas (Panama) has served in many positions of the Panama Federation since 2010, He has been Water Polo referee since 2007, he served as an open water official until 2016. He hopes to develop masters in his country and in the Central American countries


Ed Evelly (Canada)  UANA Masters Vice Chairman and past chair of the FINA Masters Committee.  He has been involved in Swimming for 38 years and is currently the FINA Masters Honorary Secretary.  He wants to assist and help Masters grow in the Americas.


Mel Goldstein (USA) is UANA Masters Chairman since 2011.  The goal of the committee is to assist federations in growth in the Masters area and also to continue giving support to those federations once they are on their way.


Nadine Day (USA) past president USMS and is the athlete member on the UANA Masters Technical committee.  She is also on an UANA OW subcommittee as the Masters representative


Members absent:  Carlos Da Silva (BRA), Sigifredo Cordova (CHI), Ana Fortin (HON), 


 Approval of Minutes of last meeting 2015   

Minutes of last meeting were presented. Jim Miller noted that only those members present at the 2015 Meeting should vote. Motion to approve: Jim  Seconded: Dot          

Minutes were passed.


•  UANA Director Greg Eggert representing UANA President Mr. Dale Neuburger. 

At the World Short Course Championships in Hangzhou, China, UANA will have an Extraordinary Congress.  There will be a recommendation to add two athletes to the UANA Executive Committee.   The UANA Congress will be on August 5thduring the Pan American Games in Lima Peru.  The UANA Presidency will rotate to CCCAN, Zone 2.  Greg encouraged everyone to use the UANA website.  The UANA website is a place for all UANA information and events.  All recommendations go directly to the President.   The website is also used to archive all the meeting minutes. 


•  2018 UANA Pan American Masters

The 2018 event is the largest in history for UANA Masters Championships. The first Masters Championships saw a participation of 205 swimmers in Santa Domingo. This Championship in Orlando has a participation of 39 federations (22 Federations from UANA), 5 disciplines with 1,719 swimmers, 57 divers, 177 Artistic Swimming, 190 water polo (16-17 teams), and 425 open water athletes. 


The committee discussed the performance of the championships from the various disciplines except water polo and open water since they have not begun yet.  

-there were gaps in synchro draws

-the announcer did not really know Synchro, 

-wrong jury of appeals

-missing an elevated stand for officials synchro

-swimming officials were clearly not enough, seemed to be no local judges, only the ones flown in through USA swimming

-check in could be more efficient, especially the distance events

-there was no bull pen

-no place to check what events one was entered

-communication LOC and TC was not super

-posting heat sheets around the pool

-safety Marshals on deck-warm-up; and during the meet

-transportation for officials


Per the championship contract UANA must pay the LOC $10.00 (THE CONTRACT ONLINE HAS $5.00 not $10.00per athlete entered in the Championships upon compliance of the terms of the contract:

The UANA Masters committee is responsible for evaluation of the championships and determines the amount due to the LOC based on the performance evaluation.  



Pool Facilities *10% 
Medical Coverage *20%

Heat Sheets5
Meet Results2
Published Final Results4%
Meet Administration &
Miscellaneous Services12% 



The deficiencies thus far were the official coverage (15%) and medical coverage (20%)  Determination that the weight of officials for each discipline will effect the overall percentage.  The committee discussed the minimal requirement of official coverage for each discipline.  Each discipline will send Maureen the number of officials required with the safety coverage.  Based on the numbers of recommended officials, the committee will determine the deduction on the performance evaluation for the LOC payment.  


The committee discussed that bid contract and information on the UANA website is outdate.  



The current contract is old and is geared towards only the swimming discipline. The new letterhead needs to be included

The committee discussed having a separate sections.  The general contract will have only the general aspects of the Hosts obligations, there will be appendixes for each of the disciplines. 


Committee members were assigned disciplines of the Championships with the deadline of revisions to Maureen by October 1st, 2018.  In addition, Jim Miller will review and make any recommendations on all safety and medical coverage for each discipline.  

Mel Goldstein-Swimming

Richardo Dimas-Water Polo

Ed Evelly-Diving 

Jim Miller-Open Water

Dot Padgett-Artistic Swimming

Edith Clashing and Veronica Stanham-General contract



The committee also discussed their role at the championships.  Mel explained that the event ran over 2 weeks and it was challenging to have everyone here at the same time.  The committee handles the protest and evaluates the host and helps were needed.  


•  Bids for 2022 and 2024

In October we will be sending out the updated general contract to the federations for the 2022 and 2024 Championships. The deadline for receiving the bid documents will be March 15th, 2019 




•  2020 Pan American Masters Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This event is not sanctioned by FINA, thus it is not recognized and sanctioned by FINA “times” will not be recognized for any consideration. 

We cannot tell anyone to not swim in the event, however we will have to communicate to our federations that it is not sanctioned by FINA. 

Action: Mel and Ed will send a letter to President Neuburger about the event being non sanctioned and recommended that the letter be forwarded to all Media and our 42 Federations.





•  Clinics   -

There as has been interest in 

Buenos Aires, Argentina ;
San Juan, Puerto Rico ;
Cali, Colombia


There is about 35-40K to use for a variety of other things, including the 2 clinics a year. Mel would like to send coaches to various locations of Masters championships to conduct these 2 day clinics. Clinics should have a session with the coaches and a session with the athletes. Maureen will do a follow up with Argentina about the clinic to be held during the South American Masters Championships 13 – 17 November 2018 in Buenos Aires. Mel said that United States Masters Swimming will be sending a coach to help with the coachesclinic.  


•  Other Business

Greg provided the committee members with a gift from Speedo and USAS.  

Greg made a recommendation that the current UANA Masters Committee will assist the LOC with the 2020 UANA Masters Pan American since this committee has been closely working with the host.  The TC will change with the new elections in 2019.  

Greg also brought up that this year Cayman Islands hosted the 2018 UANA Masters OW Championships, however there was a lack of participants.  It was discussed that we cannot expect Masters to attend an event that was publicized 2 months prior to the event.  Greg wanted the committee support to make the 2019 UANA Masters OW Championships to be the Cayman Island swim again.  He wanted the committee to agree to guarantee a certain number of participants for the event.  The committee wanted the date of the event and was given a possible date which was mentioned that US Masters has an open water national championshipson the possible weekend.   The committee was willing to help promote the event when the committee had more information however could not make a guarantee of participation 


form each zone as requested by Greg at this time.  



No other business was discussed 


Maureen asked all committee members to review their departure time and dates.  


Meeting Adjourned


Medellin. Columbia


Friday, June 19 Sat. June 20, 2015

Committee Members Present:

Mel Goldstein (US) Chairman, Dr. Jim Miller (US), Ed Evelly (CAN), Dot Padget (CAN), Carlos de Silva (BR) only 1 day, Sebastien Paddington (TRI), David Morill (VEN)

The meeting was opened by Chairman Mel Goldstein, Chairman.  Dot Padget  to do minutes.  Mel noted that UANA is only 6 votes shy of LEN (League of European Nations).  Masters are a strong force but not as political as other committees.  Indicated that the Master’s Chairman should be on the agenda of all Executive meetings.

Moved by David: 2nd by Jim  Passed

Minutes from the UANA Masters Technical Committee Meeting in Sarasota were reviewed.

Reviewed Medellin competition:

  • ideal situation, with all events being contested; everyone to circulate to all disciplines and give feedback.  In the future, when there are more athletes, committee members will need to be assigned a discipline.

19 Divers, 22 Synchronized Swimmers, 1070 Swimmers, 288 Open Water including 28 as only event

1500 swimmers, 350 clubs and 18 countries

  • Entry Booklet was well done
  • Inscription became a problem. Although Mel gave specific instructions for nothing to be published until the Committee approved, this did not happen.  Seeding was done the day before, should not have happened.  Some countries have problems paying with credit cards.  FINA lists them as “pending” until problems are solved, OC did not so lost money on swimmers that didn’t show up and didn’t pay.
  • *recommend doing a site visit once inscription is set-up and running, can then make corrections

Also recommend that the president of the Zone attend the site visit.

  • Meet is running well now.  Any problems have been addressed.
  • Each committee member to review %’s of requirements for refund

Dot Padget spoke on Synchronized swimming.  It includes a technical routine and a free routine to make an event.  Here, as in Rio, because of the low numbers, entries were allowed in either tech or free instead of having to do both as is the FINA rule.  It is better to have more than just local judges. Dot requested that the entry form include asking if an entry will be bringing a judge (minimum requirement UANA G judge). Should also be done with diving.

Discussion for future bids:

  • Keep focused on including all 5 disciplines. We realize there are problems with having facilities and infrastructure to host all 5 disciplines.
  • Too late to expect a bid for 2016, will send out a call for 2018 with a deadline of Feb 15, 2016
  • Consider encouraging “branding”, market individual disciplines as a UANA event, but not a Pan AM Championship.  Mel to circulate wording going to UANA countries, to Committee.
  • Contract need to add schedule C D E

Moved by David: 2nd by Ed   Passed

Going forward, we will accept bids for individual UANA America’s Masters Events

Entry template:

Moved by Jim: 2nd by David  Passed

To approve Club Assist ant proposal for on-line registration aqs presented for the UANA Pan Am Master’s Championships

  • Chairman to tweak entry to include request for technical officials
  • Committee to work on an Entry Booklet Template

Discussion items to forward to the next Committee

  • International Sponsor
  • Face to face meeting every   year
  • Evaluate and upgrade postal swim, also an opportunity for a sponsor
  • For 2018, have an Open Forum? or on-line feedback? or on-line questionnaire?

Mel thanked Patricia Miller for her insights and lending her expertise to matters in this meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.



2013 UANA Pan American Masters Championships

Sarasota, Florida USA

UANA Masters Technical Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 3, 2013

Committee Members Present:

Ed Evelly (CAN), Dot Padget (CAN), Jim Miller (US), Carlos de Silva (BR), David Morrill (VENZ), Luis Leiva (CHI) Executive Committee Liaison), Luis Manrique (VENZ), Sabastien Paddington (Tri), and Mel Goldstein (US) Chairman

Meeting was opened by Chairman, Mel Goldstein, welcoming everyone to Sarasota for the UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Sarasota, Florida.

Minutes from the UANA Masters Technical Committee Meeting in Rio were discussed, and the final report of the 2011 UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Rio. MSA

UANA Masters Technical Committee received one bid to host the 2015 UANA Pan American Masters Championships.  The bid received was from Medellin, Colombia.  The Colombia Federation will host all disciplines (Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Open Water). Motion was made to accept the bid from Colombia. MSA.  Chairman, Goldstein will contact the Colombian Federation and notify them and determine the dates of the Championships

Due to the change by FINA to move the FINA World Masters Championships to the odd numbered years, a motion was made to move the UANA Pan American Masters Championships to the even year sequence starting in 2016  going forward.  Trinidad/Tobago has shown some interest as well as Chile for 2016.  Motion was made to accept the even year sequence starting in 2016.  MSA.  It was the strong sentiment of the Committee to move toward Championships that would offer all 5 aquatic disciplines rather than a limited number of disciplines.

Ed Evelly, Chairman of the FINA Masters Technical Committee spoke to the committee on the proposed changes the FINA Masters Technical Committee plan to present to the Congress in Barcelona, taking the Meet Operations portion out of the FINA rules and putting them in the By Laws.

The Committee will contact each discipline to determine the costs for running their event to begin the process of developing a budget template. The contact for each discipline : Water Polo – Andy Burke, Diving – Ron Kontura, Synchronized Swimming – Dot Padget, Open Water – Jim Miller, and Swimming – Mel Goldstein

UANA Pan American Master Championship Agreement

The committee discussed the current agreement and made many revisions which will be beneficial to the Host.  A copy of the agreement is attached to these minutes as Schedule A, as soon as the revisions are accepted by the UANA Executive Committee.

New Business

The UANA Masters Technical Committee in its effort to bring more awareness to aquatics in UANA, has adopted a proposal presented by David Morrill.   The proposal was to have a UANA ½ Hour and 1 Hour Postal Swim November 1-30.  Registration and entries will be on line, the cost will be $10 for each event with the entire proceeds going to UANA.  This event will be open to all swimmers in all UANA Federations. MSA.

Meeting Adjourned


2011 UANA Pan American Masters Championships

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

UANA Master Technical Committee Minutes

November 2011

Committee Members Present:

Ed Evelly, Dorothy Padget, Jim Miller, Carlos de Silva, David Morrill, John Perez, Luis Leiva (Executive Committee Liaison), Mel Goldstein, Chairman

Meeting was opened by Chairman, Mel Goldstein, with comments on the committee's accomplishments over the past quadrennial. 

1. Bid process and site selection 2 years out from the competition

2. Established a contract with UANA and the Event Host

3. The championship has grown from 165+ swimmers in the first championship in the       Dominican Republic to Brazil where 2,500 athletes competed.

4. All disciplines contested (Open Water, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo

6. Fact file for each discipline in accordance with the FINA template.


Review of Host Contract

16.0            WARM-UP FACILITY: A warm up facility shall be available 2 days prior in the competition pool beginning before the start of competition, for synchronized swimming practice time with music, will be allocated to each team, and solo swimmers, and (2) during the entire meet, beginning at least one hour prior to competition each day, and continuing throughout the dayMSA Adding an additional day to the agreement, therefore must be approved by the new UANA Masters Technical Committee

27.0Computerization: Host shall be required to use Hy-Tek Sports software or an acceptable software program for meet seeding, results, and associated lists and labels.  The host shall be responsible for the equipment, personnel, and supplies required. If Hy-Tek is not used the event host must present their proposed format or software to the UANA Masters Technical Committee for approval for each discipline.  MSA

31.2Meals or a Per-diem will be provided to the UANA Masters Technical Committee through out the duration of the event.  The Per-diem shall not exceed $50 per day. MSA (This is a new item added to the agreement therefore must be approved by the new UANA Technical Committee for the next quadrennial).

31.5 Hotel Rooms / Transportation :UANA Masters Technical Committee Chairman, shall be provided a hotel room (Single Occupancy).  This expense will be for a four star hotel (* * * *) accommodations.  Local transportation ill be provided for duration of the event. MSA

32.0Hotel / Transportation  UANA Masters Technical Committee: This expense will be for a four star hotel (* * * *) accommodations.  Local transportation will be provided for duration of the event. MSA

40.0Insurance: Provide basic insurance for all participating athletes, officials, and volunteers. MSA

Bidding Process:

A discussion by the committee on the deadline for the 2015 UANA Pan American Masters Championship was discussed.  UANA Swimming Federations will be invited to bid for  2015, the invitations will be sent out in Spanish and English. The deadline for bid submissions will be October 1,2012, with the award by December 31, 2012. MSA

The UANA Masters Technical Committee will provide to the Meet Host Contract and Bid Invitation in their preferred language.


The website and the Webmaster is going to be changed by the UANA Executive Committee.  Acknowledgement of John Perez was made, whose service in this capacity was outstanding.

Water Polo and Diving Championships for 2013

It was suggested and approved that disciplines not included (Water Polo and Diving) in the 2013 UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Sarasota be contacted.  Chairman, Mel Goldstein was directed to contacted and invited to organize the appropriate National Governing Bodies to see if there was a possibility of adding the UANA Pan American Masters Championship to an existing event.  These events would then be promoted on the UANA Website as official UANA Pan American Masters Championships.

In closing remarks, Chairman Mel Goldstein said, while much has been accomplished over the past 4 years, there is still much to be done.  It was suggested that each committee person contact their respective National Governing Body and request their name be forwarded to President Coaracy.


Meeting Adjourned